Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creative Outlet

People often ask me how I find the time to create with two little ones at home and a very busy full time job. Sometimes it is hard to find "me" time. When I do find time to create, usually when the girls are in bed or late at is heaven. It is a way for me to unwind and do something I absolutely love. The best is when I get on a creative roll and the hours pass so quickly. I love to also spend the time with my girls creating, helping them to discover their own creative outlet. Erica's creative outlet is to create beautiful jewelry. She is a working mom too and loves the chance to do what she loves.

by EsThings

My name is Erica and I started EsThings on Etsy at the beginning of June so I am still green to the Etsy network. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children that range in age from 9 to 16. I am very busy running them all over when I am not at my full time day job. I spend several hours a week (usually at night after the kids have settled in) creating and what seems like even more time following up on the electronic portion of the shop and marketing. People often ask me with you busy life why are you trying to make a go of the jewelry thing? I answer this question each time like this; my full time day job is very analytical using a lot of brain power that is straight only and requires a specific answer. The jewelry I create is my creative outlet. It allows me to use brain power that is fun and to "color outside the lines" so to speak. It allows me to create things that I love. This shop has given me an opportunity to share these things with others in hopes they will love them the way I do.As for giving advice to others, I am not sure I have been around long enough to do so but, I will... If you love what you do and create others will love it too and the rest will come... at least that is my hope.
Here is Erica's blog Have fun visiting her blog and shop!


  1. Thanks for the feature!! I am honored!

  2. I totally agreed with her when she said her day job was really analytical and she saw etsy as a creative outlet. Nice article and what a "real" photo of her working at the dining table! I can absolutely relate.

  3. Thank you for the feature.
    Hopefully people had fun reading and looking at the shop!


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