Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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My Distinct Designs

Sterling Silver Snowflake Necklace, Swarovski Crystal Snoowflake Necklace, Holiday Necklace, Christmas Jewelry

Visit My Distinct Designs http://www.etsy.com/shop/MyDistinctDesigns for fabulous handmade silver jewelry.
Snowflake Necklace,  White Pearl Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver Snowflake Charm Necklace, Bridesmaids Necklace
I make jewelry that I love. Even if it means making it and remaking it until I get it like I want it. I enjoy working with sterling silver the most. I sometimes use other materials but the majority of my pieces are all sterling silver.
Silver Flower Pendant Necklace,  Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry
I have a spare bedroom that I have turned into my studio / work room. I would like to say that I am very organized but my picture gives me away. I called it organized chaos. Amazingly I know exactly where everything is.

Santa Earrings, Silver Christmas Earrings, Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry
I do not have a favorite quote but what I will say is this. I take pride in my work. I always strive exceed my customers expectations!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Arthouse 525

Featured Shop
Arthouse 525
Blank card, greeting cards, stationary, 5x7 card, blazing sun, art print, yellow, blue
Enjoy a visit to Arthouse 525 http://www.etsy.com/shop/Arthouse525 where you will discover fabulous one of a kind hand crafted items, art prints and original paintings.
Embellished bangles, bracelets, set of three, Gypsy, Hippie, BOHO, Bohemian, unique jewelry, beaded, red, turquoise, yellow
I have been creating for most of my life. Drawing, painting, making things: I love it all. Right now, I am focused on unique, one of a kind jewelry and fiber art. Next week, it may be back to painting.

 I have areas set up all over the house where I can just start on whatever craft suits my mood. Luckily, my husband is an artist too, so he fully understands the need for multiple work stations. He likes the idea that our whole house is one big art studio. In fact, I overheard a conversation with his brother where he stated that we live in an "art house". So, that is where I got the name for my ETSY shop.: Arthouse525. "525" being our house number. The only room in the house that does not have art supplies in it is the master bedroom. I like to keep that room spotless and serene at all times.
Copper cuff, cuff, bracelet, vintage cuff with hand painted wooden bead, Green, teal, pink, yellow Sandra McCall at Arthouse525
The wall of art supplies in the photo of me was made by using scrap wood and ammo boxes. Here is a better photo of that. I have a how-to at this link on my blog- sandramccall.blog.com/2012/07/25/up-cycled-ammo-boxes/

My best studio tip for organization is to keep like items with like items and use labels on your storage bins. It saves time looking for supplies. Another good studio tip is to clean paintbrushes and knives that have dried acrylic paint on them with alcohol. Just submerge the bristles in a dish of rubbing alcohol, Leave for minutes, hours or days depending on how dirty the brush is. Even old, cruddy brushes come clean after a day or two.

My favorite quote- well, one of them anyway- is "In order to make your dreams come true, you first have to wake up!" That quote has been attributed to so many people that I honestly don't know who first said it. But it is so true!

my blog - www.sandramccall.blog.com
my store - www.etsy.com/shop/Arthouse525
my fun stuff - www.pinterest.com/sandramccall
Facebook - www.facebook.com/SandraMcCall525
my photos - www.flickr.com/photos/sandramccall/

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pretty Pig Design

Black on Black: Made to Order

Featured Shop
Pretty Pig Design
Be sure to visit Pretty Pig Design http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrettyPigDesign where you will find unique statement jewelry specially designed and hand created for you!

Going into college, I had full intention in becoming a kindergarten teacher. The classroom experience left me with the discovery about my creative passion through the abstract nature of elementary coloring and making crafts. The revelation of the artist trapped inside me has compelled me to free her! Changing my life course, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications with a minor in Art. In the never ending pursuit of the perfect accessory to the cute ensemble (completed with a perfect pair of boots) I stumbled into jewelry design. I sought out a few classes and became totally addicted! I enjoy experimenting with different textures and color combinations to make fashionable and practical art. My favorite current creations are fabric flowers and buttons; flower button necklaces, hair clips, headbands…endless potential!
Pink Flower Bib Necklace with Upcycled Black Buttons
If I could travel back in time I would like to have been either an actress from the Golden Age of Cinema, or a Big Band singer. Since that isn’t a possibility; I draw inspiration from watching vintage movies (Cary Grant, Doris Day, Katherine Hepburn, etc.), and am influenced by their soft clean lines. I like to add a kick of color or texture to make the style a little more modern and personal.
I like my workspace to be organized and clean, but if I were to be totally honest, I would have to say neither of those words describes my craft room. I am very much a visual processer, so it is important for me to be able to see all of the materials I am working with at one glance. To aide in this creative process, I have built an environment where all my tools hang on a peg board; and the materials are sorted by color into glass jars and clear storage containers. This method allows the materials to be both creatively organized and easily accessible.
Red Heart Button Brooch Pin
As a side note… growing up, I was heavily involved in 4-H and showed pigs at the county fair. Since then, friends and family have contributed to a sizable ceramic and stuffed animal pig collection. As an adult, I have never let the emotional attachment go, and my shop name is a homage to a childhood reminder of the cute cuddly image of the pretty pink pig.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rising Star Pottery

You will absolutely love your visit to Rising Star Pottey http://www.etsy.com/shop/RisingStarPottery1 where you will find beautiful decorative and functional stoneware pottery.

My name is Karen O'Lone-Hahn. I am a potter, painter and children's book author/illustrator. I am blessed to be able to work full time at these crafts in my studio in beautiful Southern Chester County Pa. I'm a little embarrassed to show it in such a mess but this is what a working studio looks like when you are creating in it and taking things in and out for shows.

 I have two shops on etsy, one featuring my pottery which Kerry is kindly showcasing here. The other is my painting shop, grampa1. I have been a painter for 20+ years and decided last year that I needed a new challenge. I was hanging out at the pottery studio where my friend teaches and spent some time fooling around on the pottery wheel. As they say, that was it. The bug bit me hard and I kind of got obsessed with making pottery and quickly opened my etsy pottery shop. I bought my own wheel this summer but still make some pieces at an outside studio. I like making functional pieces like yarn bowls and jewelry bowls but have fun creating things on a whim as well.
Raku Vase,Roses,Teal Blue, Ceramic Stoneware,Hand Painted, Wax Resist,Wedding Gift,Bridal Gift, Anniversary Gift

I guess the thing I love about pottery is the surprise element. I can put two pieces in the kiln with the same glaze and depending on certain factors they will each come out different somehow. Also, every piece I make bears the mark of my hands and no two pieces ever come out exactly the same. I still paint but not as much as I make pottery. When you are an artist and the whole shebang rests on you, you also have to spend a lot of time marketing your work as well as making it. Being kind of a three headed artist, I have to divide my time a lot. Right now I am running an indiegogo campaign (indiegogo.com/gomillicent) to raise funds to market my children's book and cover the cost of giving 75 away to sick and needy kids.

Bird House, Blue, Brown, Daisies, Flowers,Ceramic Stoneware, Hanging, Cleanable, Garden Art, Yard Art
 I also have a blog which I hope people here might want to visit as I chronicle my life as a creative person (karenolonehahn.blogspot.com). I have a great life being an artist living in the country surrounded by horse and cow farms and wineries. I am also blessed to have a very supportive husband, an awesome daughter and 3 sweet kitties...


Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Street Mosaics

Green Street Mosaics on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenStreetMosaics features mosaic mirrors, custom name mosaics, address signs, picture frames, and more. The materials I use are colorful glass tiles that I cut with tile nippers into the size and shape that I am looking for. After adhering the glass, I grout, clean, polish, and seal.
Mosaic Christmas Ornament, Multicolored
Green Street Mosaics was “born” in January 2012 and is named after the beautiful tree lined street in the Historic District of downtown Annapolis where my husband and I lived before recently moving to Florida. I am lucky that I now have a dedicated studio of my own in our new home in St. Petersburg. In my workspace you will find lots and lots of colored tiles and various works in progress.
Mosaic Mirror, Wall Art, Mirror Tiles
The mosaics that I enjoy creating the most are custom name mosaics. I have created name signs for new babies, in memory of loved ones, for father’s day, birthday, anniversary gifts - you name it. I love the idea of taking such small pieces of glass and forming a name or image that is special and personal. 
House Numbers Mosaic Address Sign

I also really love playing around with different color combinations. I have hundreds of different colors arranged in bins in my studio. When I start a new piece, it is like a kid in a candy store deciding which colors I want to work with next.

Favorite quote... "Little by little does the trick " - Aesop. This sums up how I feel about mosaics. Each little piece of glass comes together with every other little piece of glass to create something beautiful.

Here are some fabulous studio pictures:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lou's Knitting Room

newborn earflap hat, baby hat, pink, dark pink  flower

Enjoy a visit to Linda's etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/lousknittingroom where you are sure to find fabulous handmade knitted and crochet items.

My name is Linda (or Lou as my Dad calls me!).
I am a Mother of 2 grown daughters and Nana to an incredible Grandson.
Warm Scarf, OOAK, Unique, Super Soft Scarf, Blue, Black, Multi Color

My Grandma taught me to knit at the age of 7 and I’ve had knitting needles or a crochet
hook in my hands ever since! I love creating things that people will use and enjoy! It is so
thrilling to send my creations all over the world! I use only quality yarn and materials.
Warm Winter Beanie Hat Grass Green with Handmade Wooden Button

My Father always told me “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!” How true Dad!
My youngest daughter, who is disabled, and my grandson live with me so I am very blessed
that I have an extra room that is my “knitting room”. My daughters and my Mom call it my
happy place! It is cluttered and crowded at times but it is my little place in the world that is
all mine for creativity and sanity.

Lou’s Knitting Room is a real place where I create, dream and work. I see things in my mind and
then make them with my yarn.
Crochet Bunny with a Big Heart, Stuffed Toy,  Rose Pink and White, Baby, Baby Shower Gift
 I love doing custom orders so please don’t hesitate to ask for
something special! I enjoy working with a wide variety of yarns and materials. I’m always
experimenting. I also donate items to charity, chemo caps, baby blankets and special Olympic
scarves. Giving back is so important.
Ornament, Christmas Tree Ornament, Stocking Stuffer, Off White Dove ornament, crochet
ETSY has given me the ‘wings’ I needed to do what I love! My world has been so enriched by
all the talented, wonderful and supportive new friends I have met here on ETSY!
Thank you for visiting the ETSY Studio Blog!!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Purse, Handbag,  Off White & Yellow, Spring/Summer Bag,

Linda's creative space:

You can find Linda here:

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Natural country Christmas tree decoration  Rustic home ornament  Natural tones Ready to ship

Enjoy a visit to our featured Etsy shop Mapano http://www.etsy.com/shop/mapano. You will find amazing handcrafted 3D fabric flower wall art and fiber art creations!

"My name is Alessandra. I live in Italy, near Turin and I am a happy wife and a busy mom of two little girls tempted daily to stay in yoga pants. I'm crafter and creative and I like everything is original and unique.

Shabby chic fabric flower hanging art - home decoration - pink brown grey ivory white - OOAK spring bouquet

Last year I opened my little shop on Etsy, MAPANO', with some creations entirely designed and assembled by me. I create 3D framed wall ornaments, home decorations, baby dummy keepers, hairbands and fiber jewelry decorated with delicate fabric flowers, copper spirals, beads and pearls.
Cotton, linen, silk and lace, but also twine and burlap are my favorite materials.

What's Mapanò?

MA, for MAMMA in Italian (mom in English)
PA, for PAPA' in Italian (dad in English)
NO, for NONNO in Italian (grandfather in English)
Mapanò is a project that includes ideas and skills of all three!
A beautiful way to live my family and create something unique with people I love!

Fiber ring fabric flower beige red - ready to ship

Above all I love handmade because is free expression of own imagination and creativity. No one is able to handmake something like another one. All handmade creations are always unique and unrepeatable.

When I was just a little child, I started looking at my mother sew and it looked so funny! She taught me to use needle and thread and to create something new using only fantasy and my creativity.
My mother has been a big source of inspiration for me. Simple and always present, she taught me to be honest and to work hard and properly. She died 8 years ago after a long illness but she's always with me and in every smile of my daughters.
Dahlia purple pin fabric flower brooch lavender Free shipping
When I sew I lose my head and my imagination runs away in a romantic French cottage where I find my inspiration.I love everything is country style and rustic but elegant and chic likewise.
Pacifier holder fabric flower matching fashion baby girl newborn gift  handmade - ready to ship
When I'm not creating fabric flowers, I love listen to music (Broadway musical soundtracks, in particular), eat and cook (maybe too much!!) and dance like a crazy with my little two daughters.
Jersey long necklace fabric flowers beads teal blue grey lilac OOAK handmade - ready to ship
At this moment I not know exactly what the future holds for me.
I'll probably have to leave soon my full time job to follow my daughters (very very hard if your husband works far away all week long...), so it's possible that Mapanò, started like a creative hobby, will become a real job.I'm thrilled and scared at the same time!
I'd like to be a mom that reads a story to her daughters before to go to bed and then works until midnight sewing in the silence of the night! Wow!

Ways to contact me:
My Etsy shop www.mapano.etsy.com
E-mail geninatti.sandra@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Mapanò/115077835271835
Twitter: @MapanoGeninatti
Pinterest: pinterest.com/mapano
Wanelo: wanelo.com/mapano

Thank you for letting me share my creations with you!"
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