Friday, July 30, 2010

Natural Wonders

Enjoy a visit to Roxanne's beautiful Etsy shop  She is a talented watercolor artist. Her love of nature, birdlife, scenery, flora and fauna is reflected in her paintings.

by watercolorsNmore
My name is Roxanne Tobaison, I live in sunny, central Florida – USA, and married with 2 daughters
Media of choice is watercolors and I have been painting since 1979. After the birth of my first daughter, I tried my hand at oil painting then watercolors. I was hooked and have never stopped since.

I am a Florida native and the area is brimming over with natural wonders, treasures, beauty and so many historical landmarks. Did I mention…I love the history of our area, which the Tampa Bay area is extremely rich. I paint to preserve and many of them are commissioned works.

You can say my watercolors are: Frameable, Wearable and Collectable.Above all, my camera is my best friend. I take all my reference shots. My materials are watercolors, acrylics and occasionally pen and inks. Most of my works are representational and realistic; however I have enjoyed some abstracts as seen mostly in my pendants.

Recently, I added a line of glass tile pendants necklaces that showcase my original watercolor paintings. These are affordable pieces of art that can be enjoyed and worn too. I title these pieces and take pride in the little originals. Also I have started doing ACEO’s which are like baseball trading cards – artists trading cards which are collectable

The main thing is that I feel blessed to have this talent and that others like it. Of course we like to sell, but it’s therapeutic, fulfilling and great when someone likes what you do. Get rich doing it – I DON’T think so….but riches can be measured in many ways.

Having retired from the art festivals show after 30 years, I stumbled onto Etsy when purchasing from some of the fabulous craftsman and artisans. Why not give it a go??? What would I have to lose?? Didn’t actual realize the time involvement or the addiction!

Each day is an adventure in itself. With my morning coffee, to jumpstart myself, I read the Bible and then off to Etsy, go exercise and back to etsy… Work around the house and errands, then back to etsy…You know, I actually DO paint too! Then back to etsy. I think you get the picture…my husband sure does. He calls me an etsy-acholic.

I also have become addicted to treasuries. I love to make them and discover all these great new shops and products, but love to check them out.
My Treasuries:

Another hobby is: Exercise. This provides a great escape and keeps you trim – yeah, right.
Well, it’s fun anyway.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Cartoonist, Illustrator, Animator, craftsperson... I just love to draw!

Enjoy a visit to the whimsically wonderful etsy shop Skribbly Kids .
Meet the artist:
"Cartoonist, Illustrator, Animator, craftsperson... I just love to draw!My day job is as a Motion Graphics/ Visual Effects artist. I work mostly on movies and tv shows.In my spare time Etsy keeps me very busy with custom logo designs, portraits, and cartoons. My inspiration seems to feed off of keeping creative at all times."

by SkribblyKids

I create oh-so-cute characters that I have been putting on cards. I love drawing all sorts of animals and aliens! I'm always doodling, so I do the first draft basically anywhere.

 I then scan it in, and use a number of different programs to get the look that I want. I love using Flash for illustration purposes. It's really easy to get smooth and crisp lines. I suggest every illustrator to try it out!

Some of my sites:
My main site!
Here you can view my video demo reels, see some non-etsy related art, local shops that sell my stuff, and more!
My blog where I keep updates of my online interviews and features, my latest pieces, and other random tidbits.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Isabelles Attic, A Grandmother's Inspiration

Be sure to stop by and visit Isabelles Attic where you will find  "new family heirlooms for you from my sewing basket". Isabel shares the story of her shop and her Grandmother's inspirations..."My greatest inspiration to sew is my grandmother Isabel. She was a homemaker and sewed for a living. It always amazed me how she could turn one of her drawings and a simple piece of fabric into such beautiful creations, such as dolies, dresses, curtains etc... I always looked forward to seeing her finished product. I hope that you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed my grandmother’s".

by Isabelles Attic
Hi my name is Liseth and I my store is  . I have named it after my greatest inspiration, my grandmother Isabelle. She had a natural talent for crafts and clothes making, which I always admired. As Isabelle did, when I am home, I like to create a variety of items such as vintage style, fun beanies, purse and more.

Crafting and sewing takes me to a different level of relaxation and lets my imagination go free, the best outcome from this is it makes me proud when I know my items have found a new home to bring a smile to their face. My motto, when I’m creating a new craft or having a bad day I try to remember this quote: “The only time you fail is when you don’t try”.

For great deals and updates on new items or just to chat with me you can also find me on twitter:  or stop by in the etsy forums it's a great way to meet other etsy memebers and learn from them too.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Handcrafted Business

Enjoy a visit to Jewelcide  where you will find jewelry "made with quality findings and authentic beads and stones". She creates " handcrafted gemstone jewelry with a touch of uniqueness and flair". Marcella plans to continue Jewelicide part-time while pursuing a masters degree in economics.

by Jewelicide
Hi, I’m Mercella. I think that I have always been a bit of an entrepreneur. Even as a young child, I made and sold various handcrafted items. I started my business in 2000 at the age of 12 by making beaded jewelry and selling it at my mom's job. In 2006, I decided to start selling on Etsy and in boutiques. At the moment I am focused on creating unique and affordable gemstone jewelry. I also create kitsch and kawaii jewelry for kids and the young at heart.

My “studio” is currently located in my bedroom. It is definitely getting a little cramped. I plan on clearing out the spare bedroom and turning that into a studio. Space is absolutely necessary. I keep all of my beads in clear containers with separators and my other supplies in drawer organizers.

My gem jewelry:

My jewelry for kids and the young at heart:

My little destash shop:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Feminine and Oh So Pretty

Be sure to drop by this new etsy shop Blushing Dove Boutique
where you are sure to discover lovely little pretties including very cute handmade jewelry and accessories.

by Blushing Dove Boutique
My name is Amy Lilley, and I live in Newark-on-Trent (UK). I have always loved art and making things, but had very little time to pursue this interest whilst studying an English degree at university. In my final year of university I was fortunate to meet my best friend, and love of my life, and we married soon after I graduated (last August). Being out of uni, out of work, and living in a new place, I had mixed emotions.

On the one hand I found myself overjoyed at the excitement of our starting out our new life together, yet I also felt a bit down and isolated because of all of the changes. It was the need to occupy myself whilst I was looking for a job that really sparked my creative side. At university I had dressed a bit wacky, and was often mistaken for an art student. Now married, I had ‘toned’ it down a bit in relation to my dress sense, and I think making headbands and jewellery became my more hands-on creative outlet.

My favourite place to work is at my kitchen table! I spend so much time in the kitchen, and love all of the hubbub that goes on in this part of the house. To me it is a place of productivity, play, relaxation, fellowship, family, and inspiration. I can't think of a better place to be creative!

I love all things cute and girlie, and consider my pieces fun and playful, yet pretty and elegant. I want women of all ages to look and feel every bit as beautiful as they are in my pieces, and hope to grow my ‘Blushing Dove Boutique’ into a small business.

Here are a few favourite quotes:

'The real act of discovery consists, not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes'-Marcel Proust

'You can't find a value under a microscope'- Captain Corelli (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres)

'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.'-Albert Einstein

‘Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have’ - Ecclesiastes 6:9

Here is Amy in her 'work space',( her kitchen) and her happy little helper/ companion, Dolly.

Visit Amy's blog
She is a member of 'Team Imagination':

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vintage French Flea Market

Be sure to drop by Ben and Jess
 a lovely Etsy shop with lots of handmade goodies including handmade paper holiday and party decorations, cards, tags and gifts, monogram letters and chenille Scottie dogs.
"All of Ben & Jess's items are personally handmade by me from quality vintage french flea market inspired scrapbooking papers and fabrics. The utmost love, care and creativity is put into each piece."

by Ben and Jess
My name is Tracey Jane and I live, work and play in Sydney, Australia. I get my love of making and crafting from my mother. Wonderful things would come out of her craft room. She shared her love and knowledge of crafting with me for which I will be forever grateful.

I’m a bit of a bower bird and love to collect old things. As I’m a self confessed craftaholic I collect vintage craft books, patterns and fabrics. I also collect vintage blue and white china. My love of all things old comes through in the things I make by way of using chenille fabrics and vintage inspired scrapbooking paper.

I have recently returned to my first love which is cross stitch. A new range of cross stitched fairy inspired love hearts will be appearing in my Etsy store soon. I love the rhythm that I get into when I stitch and the sound of the thread going through the fabric. It soothes my soul and relaxes my mind. I have a beautiful old wing backed reclining chair that I sit in when I stitch - it's pure bliss.

I am lucky enough to have a dedicated crafting space which overlooks our garden. This means that I can leave things out to ponder about and fiddle with until they are right. It is next to the heart of our home the kitchen where we will gather and eat and talk and eat.

My favourite quote "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The red thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break" -Ancient Chinese proverb.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Victorian Princess or Dark Gothic Queen

Be sure to stop by and visit Jilted Coquette etsy shop . You will find " pieces that are inspired by Gothic Lolita fashion from Japan" where she strives to "create quality unique pieces that will transform you into a delicate Victorian princess, or a dark Gothic queen".

by Jilted Coquette

For many years I have been in love with Japanese fashion, and more specifically with Lolita and Aristocrat trends. While they are subcultures themselves, there are many subcultures contained within them. I try to create a variety of Lolita and Aristocrat styles, so that no matter your preference, classic or punk, gothic or sweet, you will find something that appeals to your personal tastes.

Part of my motivation for starting Jilted Coquette was the insatiable need to create. I’m a very tactile individual so working directly with a material is more satisfying to me than drawing or painting. My artistic roots are in Printmaking and New Genres, so I’m an odd combination of meticulous processes and subversion; I pay great attention to the smallest of details but also like to push boundaries, especially to an absurd extent.

The second half of my motivation came from the high price and inaccessibility of Lolita and Aristocrat items in the US. If you want to buy a name brand piece, you will have to order it online and have it shipped internationally, or find someone online via forums who is reselling items, often used. A simply adorned name brand headdress can easily cost $40 US while more elaborate pieces can price for much higher. I strive to create pieces that are not only beautiful and intricate, but also affordable.

While I derive my inspiration from a variety of Aristocrat and Lolita styles, it is not my intention to replicate a specific brand style. Each adornment is one of a kind and a labor of love. At the risk of over romanticizing them, deep down I consider each one to be a work of art.

I began making hair adornments earlier this year, and only opened my etsy shop in late May. I consider my work with Jilted Coquette to be a full time job and easily spend 10-12 hours a day creating and promoting my pieces. Having studied art and not business, I’m unfamiliar with entrepreneurship but I hope that, with hard work and dedication, I will one day be successful enough to open my own storefront.

Be sure to say hello and visit her blog
and her facebook page

Monday, July 12, 2010

Science and Art Come Together

Be sure to stop by Topaz Turtle to find some deliciously fantastic coloured jewelry. Also home to gorgeous jewelry made from resin, polymer clay, crystal, natural stone, metal and other wonderful things. Enjoy!

by TopazTurtle
TopazTurtle jewelry designs is what you get when science and art comes together. I’m a scientist by training and I guess I never grew out of conducting experiments even though I moved away from the laboratory in my day job.

Working with resin, reminds me of my time in the lab as it involves a lot of planning, preparing, measuring, mixing and finishing.

Planning and preparing usually involves coming up with a design, trying it out in polymer clay and then moving to the mould making stage. Once the basic shape is ready, there is more planning to decide colours and effects. Then the fun begins with the mixing.

I tend to mix my own colours for my bangles and beads. I just love watching the different hues emerge as I mix two or more colors together. I also love to experiment with embedding items in the resin. Everything is fair game - things I find in the garden, the house and my jewelry making supplies.

And like a good scientist I have to take copious notes so that I can reproduce my experiments. I’ve forgotten about that aspect of lab work but it is slowly coming back to me.

Once the resin is ready I have to knuckle down and do all the sanding and smoothing. It’s hard and dirty work but also very gratifying to see the finished product emerge. Health and safety is important to me and at this stage I use gloves, goggles and dust mask as protection I figure I want to keep making jewelry for as long as I can and I should take all the precautions I can. Once I’m happy with the product, it’s a quick wash and dry and a little more polishing. Making resin jewelry is a very satisfying exercise for me and I think everyone should find something that they do that they really enjoy.

Here is a picture of Saunthra's lovely and inspirational worktable."It's an old computer table that I stripped, painted and stenciled.The wheels come in useful as I can move it around and push it away into a cupboard when I have to clean up. You can't see from the pic but it's in front of my tv, so I get to listen into programs while I work. My favourite show at the moment is Glee. Just love it."

To see more:
For news on new products and store updates, follow me on Facebook &Twitter.

For full catalog of my works please go to:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade and Vintage Loveliness

Be sure to stop by and visit Kristine and Lily's etsy shop Vintage Whale you will find *handmade and vintage loveliness*.

by Vintage Whale
Vintage Whale is a collaboration of two college students, Kristine and Lily. We're both from Oklahoma but go to colleges in different states. We’ve been creating and crafting for Etsy for about a month now and really enjoy it! Our shop consists of both vintage and handmade items. Before we started Etsy we always had thrifting adventures and were always on the hunt for vintage goodies for ourselves.

 Soon we decided we would like to share our lovely finds with others. We’re both really inspired by vintage and re-used items and it’s evident in our shop. Most of our items are made of scrap fabric or buttons we find lying about. We enjoy taking old things and giving them new life as necklaces, headbands, bobby pins or even cards. We’re always thinking up new ideas for items we can make for our shop and don’t usually create more than a few different versions of any one item.

Our creative process is pretty fluid and flexible because we create whatever we feel like making at that particular moment. We don’t have a designated work space but usually have movie nights that double as craft days where we watch old movies and work on our shop. Usually our crafting supplies are kept neatly in boxes or storage drawers we can roll out into the living room so we can craft and watch movies.

Once we finish our creations we love to go outside and take pictures of them on pretty paper or old books. Nothing goes into our shop that we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and we really hope people find something they love as much as we loved making it.
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