Friday, May 1, 2009

The Big "O"... for Organization!

Organization...can be a saving grace or an albatross depending on the degree of organization you have and how you feel about being organized or unorganized. When my studio is clean and organized I feel happy to walk into my space and ready to create. I make such a mess when I am in my creating frenzy and often times I use whatever time I have to create, not to clean. Every once and awhile my space gets so crazy messy that I have to clean up before I can find a teeny bit of space to create. This part can be as much fun, especially when you find long lost treasures that inspire something new.

Is organization your saving grace or albatross?

Morgan offers some of her favourite organizational tips and tricks. Check out her blog for more great tips and her wonderful creations ...

Morgan Melimblab...Organization…ha!

Kidding, for the most part I try to keep things organized so I don’t loose my mind.

I work mostly with Felt and Cotton fabrics, so there is an endless supply of scraps and thread all over my art room. When we first moved to this place I promised my boyfriend we could split the spare room, well I lied and took over everything! I’m lucky that the room oddly enough had no door on the closet and a full set of wire shelves installed. This has helped me immensely what with the one million Rubbermaid storage totes I have. Yup, that’s my organization: Ziploc bags and a rubber bin for every teensy tiny scrap of fabric. I also love a wire basket for things like tape and glue and paint. My feeling is the more containers the better! One thing that has really helped is having two desks in my work space, one to sew and one to list, email, edit photos and things of that nature for my Etsy shop.

I read Domino Magazine religiously and drool over all of Martha Stewarts work spaces. Recently purchasing a ribbon organizer and a large floppy tote for fabric by the yard, I’m constantly on the look out for another bin to put things in. I feel if each thing has its own container your less likely to forget about some really cool fabric, or loose ANOTHER pair of good scissors. I also have tiny containers with handles that I take small amounts of product to work on the couch while watching TV. Its all about finding out what works for you, and accepting that it will probably always be kind of a mess, but hey at least you know your being productive!

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