Saturday, May 29, 2010

Help Someone Bring Out the Best in Themselves

"Anna Pereira, artist, entrepreneur, and former owner of the brand Super Sexy, has been painting and drawing since her early childhood and had won awards for her artwork in her youth. With her impeccable skills in airbrush and free hand painting and her amazing ability to transform a basic shirt into a jeweled corset, Anna was creating her artwork for clothing rather then canvas. She is a skilled artist and painter who had chosen to display her work on various styles of t-shirts and tank tops, with the goal of allowing women to feel confident, expressive and yes, Super Sexy!"
Have fun visiting her shop!

by Anna Pereira

Is it really worth getting up in the morning if you don't make a positive contribution to society, Earth or yourself? I like to feel good and I love making others feel good. There isn't a greater reward than helping someone to bring out the best in themselves.

My name is Anna and I have a hand painted and printed clothing line. I custom make shirts via screen print techniques and free hand dye effects and paint splatter. I mix my own dyes and paints and create my own screens. Also, I have a luxury handmade soap line that is decadent and pampering! My purpose is to help you feel and look your best.

I believe in positive energy and the law of attraction. If you believe it, you can live it. This has been a major influence that you can prominently see in my clothing line as well as my soap line aptly named "Angel Kissed" luxury soaps.

I live in NJ and my studio is located here. Every day I am doing something creative and hope to be an inspiration to others through my work and my friendship. My personal message: "Be good to yourself. Smile. And believe you can have and do anything. Maintain a positive attitude because even when you are down and you take a moment to realize how blessed you truly are, you will rise up out of your funk. Have gratitude. Help others. Stay focused."

Have a truly Blessed day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Beautiful World

Enjoy a visit to Bedermann Art where you will find inspirational photographs with vibrant images. "Everything I create is original, my photography is completely unique with some photos enhanced using Photoshop to bring out a stunning quality".

by BedermannArt
My favourite quote is "Love is shown by what we do, not by how we feel" (Author Unknown).

I have always loved photography, and when it went digital, I knew I had to try it. I bought a cheap camera and loved it. I experimented with Photoshop and other imaging programs and decided this was for me. I made the purchase of a great Canon SLR camera and through trials and triumphs here I am, continually learning and improving.

I can completely forget about problems when I am out in nature, concentrating on the perfect image and correct camera settings.

People loved my work and I was asked to show my photography in a few local Art Shows.
Lots of compliments and purchases and so I thought I'd give Etsy a try! I also have a gallery at DonnaBedermann. My workshop is just a computer, camera and lenses, and the beautiful world!

My Etsy shop has my Fine Art Photography as cards, 5x7,8x10 and square 6x6 and 8x8 prints, they are beautifully printed with lovely details.Some are enhanced to bring out an artistic quality clearly seen in the image.Please enlarge the photos to see the details. They are easy to pop into a frame, and there you go, original Art!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fanciful Whimsy

Enjoy a fantastical journey through Amy's Etsy shop  where you will find many whimsical characters.

My name is Amy and I am an artist of fanciful whimsy!

I just love imagination and I adore nonsense! A lot of my inspiration comes from fairytales, my all time favorite being Alice in Wonderland. I just love the curious characters and share madness of it all!

I live in a little flat with my fiance Phil and do all my painting and creating in our little lounge! Hopefully one day i will be able to turn art in a full time career and have a studio of my own, but for now, it will do.

My shop is called  and I sell Whimsical Art Prints of my original artworks, Upcycled Greeting cards and Prints, Postcards and Recipe cards which all feature my own artwork!

I love to hear from people with new ideas or feel free to just stop by and leave a comment on my blog

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meld Ideas Nicely with My Own Word View

Enjoy a visit to Elina's Etsy bookshop VETEROK where you will find her delightful collection of handmade hand bound books.

(VETEROK. handbound books)
Hello world. I'm Elina a.k.a. Veterok from Finland, and I make books. I studied bookbinding during the years 2007-2008 and opened my Etsy bookshop in the late summer of 2009. Previously I haven't done very much to promote myself because I find digging in my vegetable garden much more inspiring... but here I am now, wishing to tell you a little about me and my shop.

My range of handbound books includes many simple cloth-covered journals and small inexpensive notebooks, but I also make leather bound diaries with a little twist like original hand drawn panels and vintage cabinet photography. I also make miniature book necklaces which are cobbled up of leather and paper scraps that professional bookbinders produce terrifying amounts every day! These little things are actually big and smooth enough for you to write in, so they're fantastic for absent-minded people like me.

Natural world is close to my heart and I hope it shows in my works and the overall appearance of my shop. I do get some of that "Why so bleak? Why don't you make more cute colourful things?" but I think it's important to make something I truly love, not just something that pleases everyone's tastes. I always first need to melt all the ideas and designs nicely with my own world view, which mostly consists of trees, lakes and barren fields.

Structure is somewhat important to me. Not just because I love making intricate work, but also because a well-made book will last a lifetime (or two!). All my books have sturdy headbands handsewn with buttonhole silk. Historically, headbands are supposed to protect the book when you're pulling it out of the shelf. Sometimes I also use cloth hinges to attach the book block to the cover: A good hinge protects the endpapers from unnecessary tear and wear when you open and close the book. I think little details like these are very pleasant!

For the sake of quality and durability I mostly use professional bookbinder's goatskin in my leatherbound books. However, many of my items also feature ecological or recycled materials - some of them are even bound with handspun linen thread. All my books are packed and sent in recycled packaging.

My shop is relatively young so I haven't yet had time to fill it with all the things I desire to make! Hopefully in a year or so I will be making more historical bindings, more leather inlays, onlays and whatnot, bookmarks and albums for medium format photography. I you have any questions or ideas don't hesitate to convo me at Etsy!

Etsy shop:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Archaic and Exotic

Enjoy a visit to Amore Valkyrie where you will find fine precious jewelry with an old world aesthetic.

About Amore Valkyrie:

Amore Valkyrie jewelry strives to hint at the archaic and exotic - while being refined enough to wear every day. Pieces are intriguingly unusual, excitingly strange. There is mystery in an eye-catching piece that whispers of the old world.

About me:
For me, Amore Valkyrie is 1) an expression of ideas continuously coming, and 2) a replacement for things I've always been looking for.

As for the first thing - I dabble in art things, but haven’t committed until now - little bit of design school, fashion, creative writing, and so on. I feel art is a search - for me, it is an endless attempt to express an aesthetic idea I can't put my finger on. Thus, Amore Valkyrie is a tiny expression of artistic ideas I've always contemplated.

As for the second - for a while, I was a freelance blogger for a few fashion blogs. I wrote admiringly of the brave new endeavors of designers and drowned my laptop with pictures of designs I thought provoking and inspiring. Fashion encourages you to shop and browse ravenously, but yet I never found exactly what I wanted. Therefore, Amore Valkyrie is a growing collection of items I've always wanted, but never found.

I'm most inspired by what is ancient - really, really ancient. Still, something most important to me is letting my pieces hint at the old, while still being wearable and down to earth – therefore, I use only durable, high quality materials like precious stones, fine chain, sterling silver and gold. It would be a big dream come true for me to see others wearing Amore Valkyrie pieces day to day. Etsy Studios - thank you so much for featuring me and many other start up Etsy-ers! I am so hugely grateful to Etsy for being not only a service, but also a community that encourages me to let Amore Valkyrie keep growing.

At the moment, my workspace is a dining table and everything fits in a big white Staples file box (which doubles as my tabletop photography cube!)

Visit Amore Valkyrie:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Love Helping Others

Enjoy a visit to Luna's shop where you will find handmade items and one of a kind accessories.

by Burning Moon
Greetings,my name is Luna and I am the owner of Burning Moon Products.I have always had a passion for art and crafts since I was a child whether it was making birthday cards for friends or making holiday ornaments for my family.I had always pictured myself doing something I loved for a living such as becoming a Vet (which I hope to one day still accomplish) but I never thought my passion for art would one day inspire me to open up my own little Etsy shop,I originally started crafting again shortly after my daughter was born and from that came everything that I make now.

I have owned my Etsy shop for a little over a year and I am very proud with how far I have come so far. I love helping out new Etsy shops trying to reach the same goals as mine I offer tips,guides and even free promotion to other Etsy shops I guess you can say helping others is another passion of mine as well. I love to see others happy whether its by helping the create a better environment in their shops or from someone buying a piece of my art and completely loving it.

Also have a look at Luna's blog for seller tips,review,lots of giveaways & more

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating 200 Followers ~ My Favourite Way

How am I celebrating you ask? By sharing with my fabulous readers and featuring a fabulous Etsian and her creative space of course!
Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your support! Enjoy!

Welcome to Rachel's new ceramic art works boutique.  You can find many different kind of items - Ceramic tiles,Ceramic Pendants,Ceramic Pins, Magnets and much more in her beautiful Etsy shop . Every item is one-of-a kind & made by Rachel Cohen,in her home studio in Israel (wouldn't you just love creating in her beautiful studio).

by Rachel Cohen
I live in Israel in a small village and have been married to a wonderful husband for 33 years. I have 4 grown up children and in about few months I am going to be a excited.-:))))

Every morning I go to the beach & jog along the shore.The good air,the sand, the water & the waves inspire me.

I make lampwork glass beads - jewelry & ceramic items. During the years I have tried all kinds of things. I keep my hands busy all the time. Eventually I have found out that that glass & ceramic are the most fascinating for me. I  fall in love with each of my creations, every one them has is own beauty.

Be sure to visit Rachel's shops and enjoy the discounts she has to offer - if the customer purchases at least two items, I offer %10 discount and one of my shops has free shipping.

For more information about me & my art - work, you are invited to see my site:
You are most welcome to visit my other glass beads boutique

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scrapbooking Forever

Scrapbooking Forever's specialty is making scrapbook calendars to give as gifts. Visit her blog at and her team blog at to see some of her work. Visit her Etsy shop

by Scrapbooking Forever
Box after box of photographs. Vacations, holidays, weddings, birthdays and just because pictures. What is one to do with all those pictures? I scrap them. Over the years I have made calendars for my family to give as gifts at Christmas. The joy and laughter is so rewarding. These pictures will be cherished forever. I add some journaling, but most of the journaling is completed by the recipient. At the end of the year, family members return the calendars to me and I then scrap them into a 12 x 12 memory album and add more embellishments and papers. These albums are then returned as another gift for birthdays or Mother’s Day.

I have been a member of Etsy since November, 2009. I wanted to offer supplies that I use to create with to other creative artists. You can find stickers, ribbons, brads, buttons, rub-ons, stencils, punches, tools and many other crafting supplies. These supplies can be used for memory albums, cards, invitations, sewing, and many other crafting projects. You will also find craft supplies for children. They need to be creative too.

My work area is still under construction, but I moved in anyway. I guess you could say I had ants in my pants.

I also do plastic canvassing to relax in the evenings when time allows.I am also a member of Eagle Team in Eagle, Wisconsin, USA. Enter the words ' shop team eagle ' in search when you shop in Advanced Search & the offerings from my fellow Team Eagle members will pop up! Shop local! Information on members of The Eagle Team is easily found on our blog

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderful New Homes Around the Globe

"Like an adventure, the materials I use are sought everywhere and assembled into the making of a unique and delightful piece of handmade jewelry". Jessie's wonderful etsy shop has many "creations to meet anyone's content".

by Zosterops
Hello! How are you doing? This is Jessie from Hong Kong. It is rainy season here and the big golden sun is having a vacation. Etsy was the place I stumbled upon while gift-searching for something unique. What a bustling flow of creativity out of imagination I have encountered! Little anticipation had I of setting up a shop of my own at the time. Zosterops, the little jewelry shop run by me, is heading for its first anniversary ever since its first listing appeared!

The shop is called after the species of my favorite white-eye songbirds. The model on the banner was a baby at the time; her features were yet to become prominent. It comes as no surprise that my jewelry has many bird themes and I am glad that a number of my feather friends have found wonderful new homes around the globe.

I love sterling silver and glass beads. But when it comes to creation, the other materials are not overlooked; be it stone, wood, metal or resin.... So many a time my jewelry was said to be "whimsical". I guess it reflects a part of me as I opt to live life light-hearted. I like to make my pieces simple and smooth. To help it accomplished, I find having the right bits a must. It can be the size, the shape, the color, the texture or the technique.... and I am afraid the list is inconclusive and it varies case by case.

Jewelry making is a self-taught pastime. It gives me immense pleasure. I treasure the time when I can be alone mixing and matching all the components I have in hand and observing what else I am in need of for my near-finished projects or the upcoming ones. In the meantime, I have fallen for cabochons and I am looking for matching mountings.

If you happen to be around, please stop by browsing my shop and the other ones. I am sure you would stumble upon something you enjoy. Perhaps your shop is on the way to open and I would come visiting one day! Thanks, Kerry for sharing me your blog to meet you all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spreading the Paper Love

Sarah "loves working with different types of media and textures, and seeing where my hands take me! No two pieces that I make are exactly alike, and all are originals!"
Be sure to visit her wonderful Etsy shop where you are sure to find something special!

By paperlove
My name is Sarah and I make unique jewelry using everything from felt to metal charms and whatever else I can come up with! I have been creating for as long as I can remember and I started my Etsy shop back in 2006. The reason my shop is called paperlove is because when I started out, I was more into making note cards and journals, but I have shifted more-so to jewelry making! I hope to eventually find the time to also add more of my journals to my shop, but who knows!

I am currently an art student in Chicago and I hope to eventually become an art teacher so that I may share my love of working with my hands to make beautiful things with others! My studio space is a little corner in my apartment where I have totes upon totes of materials and supplies, and a bookcase that seems to be exploding with felt and other miscellaneous items! It’s a bit cramped, but cozy, and gives me at least a little space to pursue my passion!

The majority of my items are necklaces and earrings utilizing the softness of felt mixed with the smooth metal charms and other jewels I find. I love to mix different textures and to show different aspects of nature in each of my pieces, whether it be in leaves, feathers, animals or flowers! I am always coming up with new ideas for new pieces!
I truly hope that this passionate hobby of mine turns into something much more! I want to be doing this until I am old and gray and to share my love for creating with everyone! When I am not busy working on new pieces or toiling away in my studio, I also go to school full time working on my art degree, working at my job (still have to keep that day job), I write for a indie-trend website called, and I take care of my three cats and boyfriend. It’s a lot of work, but in the end everything is well worth it!

I also write for a blog called
I write for the WARES section of the website. If you would like me to feature your shop or a product, send me a message and let me know!

Thanks to thereddoor for spreading the paperlove!
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