Thursday, August 20, 2009


You will absolutely enjoy Jennifer's whimsical handmade creations! I love the personality of her mitts~they make me smile every time I see them. These would certainly be great in my very chilly neck of the woods! Have a look at her Etsy shop

by MouthyMitts

I think I'm a bit of an Etsy fraud - I'm no artist and there are so many talented people out there making beautiful things. I'm a mum, a University student and a knitter. I have been knitting since I was tiny - taught by my grandma whilst babysitting. For me knitting has almost meditative qualities, it's one of the few things that I find truly relaxing. MouthyMitts started very recently with no planning whatsoever. It developed out of a glass of wine too many over dinner, which is a story for another day.
The result was that I knitted a pair of mittens for my daughter (aged 13) who insisted on wearing them to school the next day - a very hot and sunny day as it happens. Next thing I know she's bringing orders home from school and it developed from there. Now I'm on Etsy. Organisation? There is none. I knit when I watch TV in the evening, when I'm out with the children, whenever there's a few minutes. I always keep some wool, needles and designs in a bag that I can just pick up and take with me. I keep some graph paper in there too so I can work out designs and make a note of new words etc. It's amazed me what a conversation starter knitting is too. As I sit in the park/hospital/library with my five needles on the go, so many people come over to ask what I'm doing. Anyway the shop is very new and we're not in mitten weather yet but in the meantime I'm doing something I enjoy and for me enjoyment is key. If you enjoy what you're doing you'll always find time for it and the organisational side will fall into place without feeling like too much of a chore. Jennifer @

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