Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Funky and Fun

by ElectricPenguin

The older I get, the more hip and funky I get. Hmmm... is that the true definition of eccentric? About a year ago, I became bored with the jewelry I was finding in stores. Being an I can make/paint/modify/improve that kind of person, I tried my hand at making a few simple pieces. Not difficult and definitely fun! This continued until I had more things than I could ever wear in a year. Oops! So I decided that maybe the world would like my creations as much as I do.
I try to be totally unique, creative, and cool. For example my Beer Beads, which are made from recycled beer labels. I try to use natural materials and earthy colors... but not always (see previous sentence)!
Inspiration strikes at the oddest times - walking through the mall, brushing my teeth, and especially boring work meetings. I always come out of them with little drawings of ideas.My workspace is my kitchen counter, with the overflow taking over the dining room table. Supplies are stored in the china cabinet drawers. Plastic snack bags hold beads sorted by color - very easy to pull out the purple bag and see the bead you want. Findings are in labeled plastic storage containers. The storage system has gone through a few changes, but this works best for me.
Stop by and check out Electric Penguin!!
And the shop name?
My husband’s college roommate came up with it while trying to name a band. The band never formed, but I loved the name and it stuck in my head. At last I finally found a use for it!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Visit etsy artist Marie's gorgeous shop for a special treat . Many of Marie's creations are in earth shades as she explains, " I have a deep respect for nature, and therefore mimic it in my work." Marie recently started designing elegant chopsticks suitable for your next sushi run, or even to wear in your hair as a fun yet classy addition to attire. NEW: Check out her added rustic decorative gourds!

by WindandRain

My name is Marie, and I live in rural north Alabama. I've been designing chopsticks for nearly 3 years, and even now I'm still surprised sometimes by how they turn out.My studio is a spare bedroom that I have since turned into a craft room. I purchased a 6 foot folding table and placed it beneath a sunny window, with an odd mix of various organizational bins for tools and utensils. If I had to suggest any organizational piece in particular, I'd suggest the Stanley Mobile Work Center, a 2-tier toolbox complete with removable tray and another spin-out project tray for small pieces.

Marie also likes to help out fellow Etsy artists. She features 5 Etsy sellers with less than 30 sales on her blog every week. Why don't you pay this week's 5 features a visit? :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Relax,take a break and some time for yourself! In a busy life it is important to take the time to slow down and care for yourself. It is not always easy to do with a full time job and little ones at home. Enjoy a soothing visit to

by Bathgasm

Hi! My name is Alyson, and I am the owner / fizzy maker here at Bathgasm. :) The inspiration for my crazy, colorful bath products actually came to me during a trip to Europe. I visited a small bath product shop in Zurich, Switzerland, and while I loved the idea of their bath bombs, I wasn't impressed with the lack of selection in colors and scents, nor with their high prices! When I got back home, I decided to make my own business with all my ideas for what I would want in a luxury bathing experience. And here I am, making high quality products and loving it! :)My absolute favorite thing about making my luxury bath products is working with my wonderful customers. They have such wonderful and creative ideas, which makes it a tremendous pleasure to create their custom items! Plus, I get to work with my hands in a delicious smelling medium all day. I have a personal mantra that I often have to repeat: "Do not eat the bath bomb, do not eat the bath bomb..."
My fizzy workshop is actually a tremendously large bathroom in my house that has been transformed into a work-only area. It has wonderful natural light from huge windows and comes complete with a huge bathtub so I can do lots of product testing! ;) My wonderful fiance also built fizzy drying racks into a small closet in our home, so not only do I have a great work space, but I have a humidity-free area in which to let my fizzies cure. These steps ensure that your fizzies will be made and stored in clean, well-kept area designed specifically for that purpose. It's too gross when bath products can come into contact with yucky stuff while being made!

In the future, I plan to introduce even more variety into my bath product collection. Bath melts, sugar scrubs, and adorable bath bombs for kids are just a few of the products that I will reveal in the upcoming months. I am also always adding new scents and products based on customer suggestions. Keep checking back at for these new items, as well as my periodic SALES and GIVEAWAYS! :) You can also keep track of Bathgasm news at and on twitter at Thanks so much for reading my story!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cherish Her Gifts

Jean creates handmade items that make people smile. Enjoy a visit to her shops and

by Amaebi

Hi my name is Jean. My husband and I live in the desert with five kooky cockatiels and one adorable puppy. I am currently in medical school, which really eats into me physically and mentally; I craft when I can, because it keeps me sane.I’m crazy about color; I think my favorite color changes every year. It is normal for my desk at home to have tons of unfinished projects and scraps of paper with ideas sitting around on it. Typically I craft on the couch or at my desk while multi-tasking on the computer. I have even taken my yarn to school to crochet in class. It helps me focus, really! I use baskets, sewing bins, and lock-and-lock (airtight) tupper-ware bins to store my supplies and projects. Tiny ziplocks keep all of my individual jewelry pieces from scratching each other, and I have an entire craft box for just doll eyes! My favorite tools are my clear ruler, pliers, and shiny purple aluminum crochet hook (it makes me happy).
My first true craft obsession involved tsumami hana-kanzashi (Japanese floral hair ornaments). Many of my pieces can be seen in my Flickr album collection: From there, I branched out with my main Etsy shop Amaebi Jewelry I then started a second shop, Grimcute , which has funky plushies and amigurumi crochet items. Amaebi is more for creating pretty and affordable accessories, while with Grimcute I try to create handmade items that make people smile.

Last year my mom passed away from breast cancer. Sometimes when I remember my crafty mom, who made so many beautiful things (she loved floral arranging and Christmas ornaments), I am too heartbroken to do anything, and at other times crafting is a quiet sanctuary where I can remember her and cherish her gifts. I miss creating with her very much."
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