Monday, August 17, 2009


I just love this adorable plush kitty. FreakyKeen makes some lovely handmade gifts and items that you are sure to enjoy. In her feature she offers some amazing how-to organizing tips. Enjoy a visit to her shop

by FreakyKeen
I’m almost 25 years old, but I don’t look it, and I’ve been crafting my whole life. If I could go back in time and change something about how I started my shop, it would be to start sooner. I set up in November last year, and I think that’s just too close to the holiday season to start out all brand new. I had to compete with all these seasoned veterans at their prime. I should have just sat back and watch. As least I got started and I’m glad I did too because it’s been great for me. I think I’ve gotten much more creative and confident about my work.
Now about my work. I’m mostly into sewing, mainly tote bags, wallets, hankies, and plushies and dolls. I also tend to dabble a bit with other crafts, and I think this is reflected in my shop. Lately I’ve been into painting things to make them “pretty”, mainly notebooks and pencils. I do make jewelry on occasion, and in the near future I hope to add more jewelry pieces. I do most of my work in a corner of my bedroom on an old castoff computer desk. I’ve managed to cram most of my craft stuff on, under or next to my desk with the help of plastic drawers, closet helpers, and several container and other odds and ends. My desk lamp is quite handy because it holds my paintbrushes while it shines more light on the situation. My pencil holder is made from an old food can cover with a book cover I used in 9th grade. I just couldn’t throw it away. My sewing machine is a Brother and very basic, but it’s the first and only machine I’ve ever had. I didn’t really do much machine sewing until last winter, always by hand. I keep my “works in progress” in a cardboard box I decorated with bus passes and rickrack , and most my completed work goes in bags that I‘ve hung on the walls to save space. I also hang my fiberfill and other items on a plushie hammock I crocheted. My crocheting sucks which is why you will never see crocheted item in my shop. My leopard print lunchbox is where I mostly keep receipts. I got it thrifting which is how I got most of the containers I use to organize, if you can really call it organizing. I guess all that matters for organizing is that you can find what you’re looking for and the container it’s in reflects your personality. One out of two isn’t too bad. The most organized thing I have is my binder, isn‘t it cute? I keep tons of stuff in it like patterns, my inventory, budget stuff, even my goals and log. The log is more of a diary about my progress, strictly private. Everything else I do for the shop I do at the library on my netbook, it’s name is Paul. The netbook, not the library. From there I update my shop and my blog regularly.
Although lately I’ve been spending more time on my blog than my shop. If you’re interested it’s at . Come say hello sometime.

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  1. This is so cool, thanks again for featuring me. I'm going to tell everyone. :)


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