Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Street Mosaics

Green Street Mosaics on Etsy features mosaic mirrors, custom name mosaics, address signs, picture frames, and more. The materials I use are colorful glass tiles that I cut with tile nippers into the size and shape that I am looking for. After adhering the glass, I grout, clean, polish, and seal.
Mosaic Christmas Ornament, Multicolored
Green Street Mosaics was “born” in January 2012 and is named after the beautiful tree lined street in the Historic District of downtown Annapolis where my husband and I lived before recently moving to Florida. I am lucky that I now have a dedicated studio of my own in our new home in St. Petersburg. In my workspace you will find lots and lots of colored tiles and various works in progress.
Mosaic Mirror, Wall Art, Mirror Tiles
The mosaics that I enjoy creating the most are custom name mosaics. I have created name signs for new babies, in memory of loved ones, for father’s day, birthday, anniversary gifts - you name it. I love the idea of taking such small pieces of glass and forming a name or image that is special and personal. 
House Numbers Mosaic Address Sign

I also really love playing around with different color combinations. I have hundreds of different colors arranged in bins in my studio. When I start a new piece, it is like a kid in a candy store deciding which colors I want to work with next.

Favorite quote... "Little by little does the trick " - Aesop. This sums up how I feel about mosaics. Each little piece of glass comes together with every other little piece of glass to create something beautiful.

Here are some fabulous studio pictures:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lou's Knitting Room

newborn earflap hat, baby hat, pink, dark pink  flower

Enjoy a visit to Linda's etsy shop where you are sure to find fabulous handmade knitted and crochet items.

My name is Linda (or Lou as my Dad calls me!).
I am a Mother of 2 grown daughters and Nana to an incredible Grandson.
Warm Scarf, OOAK, Unique, Super Soft Scarf, Blue, Black, Multi Color

My Grandma taught me to knit at the age of 7 and I’ve had knitting needles or a crochet
hook in my hands ever since! I love creating things that people will use and enjoy! It is so
thrilling to send my creations all over the world! I use only quality yarn and materials.
Warm Winter Beanie Hat Grass Green with Handmade Wooden Button

My Father always told me “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!” How true Dad!
My youngest daughter, who is disabled, and my grandson live with me so I am very blessed
that I have an extra room that is my “knitting room”. My daughters and my Mom call it my
happy place! It is cluttered and crowded at times but it is my little place in the world that is
all mine for creativity and sanity.

Lou’s Knitting Room is a real place where I create, dream and work. I see things in my mind and
then make them with my yarn.
Crochet Bunny with a Big Heart, Stuffed Toy,  Rose Pink and White, Baby, Baby Shower Gift
 I love doing custom orders so please don’t hesitate to ask for
something special! I enjoy working with a wide variety of yarns and materials. I’m always
experimenting. I also donate items to charity, chemo caps, baby blankets and special Olympic
scarves. Giving back is so important.
Ornament, Christmas Tree Ornament, Stocking Stuffer, Off White Dove ornament, crochet
ETSY has given me the ‘wings’ I needed to do what I love! My world has been so enriched by
all the talented, wonderful and supportive new friends I have met here on ETSY!
Thank you for visiting the ETSY Studio Blog!!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Purse, Handbag,  Off White & Yellow, Spring/Summer Bag,

Linda's creative space:

You can find Linda here:

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Natural country Christmas tree decoration  Rustic home ornament  Natural tones Ready to ship

Enjoy a visit to our featured Etsy shop Mapano You will find amazing handcrafted 3D fabric flower wall art and fiber art creations!

"My name is Alessandra. I live in Italy, near Turin and I am a happy wife and a busy mom of two little girls tempted daily to stay in yoga pants. I'm crafter and creative and I like everything is original and unique.

Shabby chic fabric flower hanging art - home decoration - pink brown grey ivory white - OOAK spring bouquet

Last year I opened my little shop on Etsy, MAPANO', with some creations entirely designed and assembled by me. I create 3D framed wall ornaments, home decorations, baby dummy keepers, hairbands and fiber jewelry decorated with delicate fabric flowers, copper spirals, beads and pearls.
Cotton, linen, silk and lace, but also twine and burlap are my favorite materials.

What's Mapanò?

MA, for MAMMA in Italian (mom in English)
PA, for PAPA' in Italian (dad in English)
NO, for NONNO in Italian (grandfather in English)
Mapanò is a project that includes ideas and skills of all three!
A beautiful way to live my family and create something unique with people I love!

Fiber ring fabric flower beige red - ready to ship

Above all I love handmade because is free expression of own imagination and creativity. No one is able to handmake something like another one. All handmade creations are always unique and unrepeatable.

When I was just a little child, I started looking at my mother sew and it looked so funny! She taught me to use needle and thread and to create something new using only fantasy and my creativity.
My mother has been a big source of inspiration for me. Simple and always present, she taught me to be honest and to work hard and properly. She died 8 years ago after a long illness but she's always with me and in every smile of my daughters.
Dahlia purple pin fabric flower brooch lavender Free shipping
When I sew I lose my head and my imagination runs away in a romantic French cottage where I find my inspiration.I love everything is country style and rustic but elegant and chic likewise.
Pacifier holder fabric flower matching fashion baby girl newborn gift  handmade - ready to ship
When I'm not creating fabric flowers, I love listen to music (Broadway musical soundtracks, in particular), eat and cook (maybe too much!!) and dance like a crazy with my little two daughters.
Jersey long necklace fabric flowers beads teal blue grey lilac OOAK handmade - ready to ship
At this moment I not know exactly what the future holds for me.
I'll probably have to leave soon my full time job to follow my daughters (very very hard if your husband works far away all week long...), so it's possible that Mapanò, started like a creative hobby, will become a real job.I'm thrilled and scared at the same time!
I'd like to be a mom that reads a story to her daughters before to go to bed and then works until midnight sewing in the silence of the night! Wow!

Ways to contact me:
My Etsy shop
Twitter: @MapanoGeninatti

Thank you for letting me share my creations with you!"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mind4Design Jewelry

Necklace Rose Quartz Nuggets Pearls & Pink Ribbon Clasp w/ Heart Charm  Mind4Design

Be sure to visit Pamela at Mind4Design where you will find fabulous handcrafted jewelry.

I'm Pamela of Mind4Design.
I have researched important jewels and their famous collectors, gemstone and costume jewelry designers, current trends, and the newest runway styles.
Statement Necklace Turquoise Cross, Oval & Bronze w/Antique Filigree Silver - Free Earrings .-. Mind4Design
I like discovering new stones and design ideas. My creations celebrate the personal touch instead of the mass-produced. I usually design a suite, either necklace, earrings, or bracelet & earrings, it's rare that I make a lone piece of a design...guess you could say I like togetherness.

Bracelet PINK Pearls Crystal Silver Filigree & Ribbon Clasp with Charm by Mind4Design
I design and make every item in my Etsy shop called Mind4Design.
Necklace Lampwork Gold Inda Glass Beads & Free Earrings  .-.  Mind4Design
Recently, I was featured on the Saturday Evening Post website for Crafts. We did a photo tutorial showing how to make a basic earring design. I was delighted to have some great response to the article and am considering doing another article about choosing beads and materials to make a friendship bracelet set, like the styles seen in my shop.

Good news - I will have my first retail venue this year for the holidays in a shop on Mass Ave. in downtown Indianapolis. What a thrill!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and safe New Year!


I am on Pinterest (Mind4 Design) and I tweet (myndfordesign).

My tutorial on the Saturday Evening Post website:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Josh Friedman Photography

Rustic Photography, Rusty, Autumn, Vintage, Rusty Old Green Truck, Car, HDR Photograph, Art Print, 6X9, Other Sizes Available

Enjoy a visit to Josh's Etsy shop where you will find amazing prints to decorate your home and office!

by Josh
 I would say that my work is diverse. I enjoy photographing nature and wildlife, sports, people, cities, close-ups….you name it! Having fallen in love with photography during the film and darkroom days, I was initially rather skeptical about digital photography. Now I completely embrace it and I see opportunities for creativity that didn’t exist before the digital era.
Morning by the Ocean - Travel Photography - Beach - Romance - Relaxation - Fine Art HDR Photograph Print - 6X9 (Other sizes are available)

 I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, this area is rich in photographic subjects (i.e. beautiful landscapes, historic covered bridges, etc.). Additionally, I am fairly close to New York and Philadelphia, so I try to capture iconic images of these cities. I capitalize on the fact that my middle-aged body tends to wake up rather early, and I take my camera, tripod, and a mug of coffee to capture the beautiful morning light. In addition to my photography, I am a clinical psychologist. My two fields intersect as I pay particular attention to mood, unique perspectives, alternative vantage points, as well as what to include and what to exclude.

A favourite quote:

 "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."
(Lennon & McCarney: The End).

New York City, Photography, Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset, Photograph Print, Art, Home Decor,  6X9 (Other Sizes Available)

 Here is a picture of Josh with his camera, shooting in Philadelphia.

Follow Josh on facebook:

Nature Photography, Autumn Tree, Fall Landscape, Threadleaf Japanese Maple Tree, Orange, Halloween, Photograph Print, HDR, 6X9

Have a peek at this holiday photo gift idea!

CHRISTMAS Card - Chrysler Building - New York City -  4X6 (Cards can be personalized)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Risk Love Freedom

Owl photo profile of owl on white background yellow, gold, brown, orange feathers bird 8x10 art print

Rustic Woodland Photos / Nature / Animal Photography       

Be sure to visit Reilly's Etsy shop where you are sure to find collectable prints of rustic woodland & nature photography; floral and whimsical photos; animal & farmland photography; nursery artwork & home decor; dreamy country landscapes.
Hi everyone! My name is Rielly Karsh Modd (still working on all that name changing paperwork over two years later … oops). I am a mostly self taught photographer and artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Somehow my wonderful husband manages to find space for himself in our tiny apartment amidst all my cameras, lights and bits and pieces. Most exciting of all, we are about to have our first baby any day now and we absolutely cannot wait to meet her!

Dreamy pink flower photo with water drops on tree branch green brown pastels 8x10
Opening a shop on Etsy was a complete career change for me but photography is my one consistent passion (outside of my family) and I have been pursuing it for as long as I can remember. My goal when shooting is to capture what is beautiful in the everyday ordinary world and to translate what I see when I look at the world into something people can relate to and appreciate.
Pink blooms photograph soft blush petals blooming in green grass on lake 8x10
My inspiration comes from my earliest memories. I grew up in a very rural area and that is where I cultivated my love of nature, animals and all things outdoors. We were always doing something crafty or going on nature walks with our little Audubon field guides to identify plants, birds, trees and whatever else we could find.

Recently I decided to change my shop around and focus entirely on my photography so I went ahead and opened a second shop ( to showcase my other artistic endeavors. I am also in the process of opening a pet photography business, although I have been massively sidetracked by this whole being pregnant business!

My favorite quote is from Mark Twain and it is something that I strive to keep in mind at all times, but especially when I have to make difficult decisions: “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.”


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blue Sky Pottery Company

Handmade Pottery and Ceramics by Deb Babcock

Enjoy a visit to Blue Sky Pottery where you will find fabulous porcelain and stoneware creations, one of a kind, functional pottery including whimsical teapots and tea cups, bowls, casseroles, plates, tumblers, platters, vases and tiles.

Handmade Art Bowls - Two Nesting Blue Dishes in robin's egg blue with hearts - Ready to Ship home decor
I'm a potter (aka ceramic artist for those who like more elegant titles :-) ) and I make mostly functional items for the home and office. This includes dishes, cups, bakeware, colanders, vases, pencil holders, serving pieces, and some decorative sculptures.

Blue Double pet food bowl for small cat or dog / condiment bowl set desk organizer home decor

Most creations are made on my pottery wheel where I take a lump of clay and spin it to create a shape like a cylinder for a mug or a rounded form for a bowl. Then I often alter the form, carve a design on the exterior, add color through stains and glazes, add feet, handles, lids, etc.
Two Aquamarine Blue Pottery Noodle Bowls IN STOCK / Stoneware Rice Bowls with Chopsticks - great couples gift

My pottery goes through two firings in a kiln - one to dry it out enough so glaze will adhere and a second firing to 2150 degrees F to turn the glaze and clay body into a durable glass-like finish that can be used in the oven, dishwasher and microwave.

Turquoise Blue Ceramic heart shaped trinket dish IN STOCK - teabag holder - minimalist decor
In addition to a pottery wheel and kiln, I also use a slab roller (a really fancy rolling pin to get my clay slabs of a consistent thickness) as well as carving tools, ribs for smoothing and shaping, brushes of all sizes for design, and all the measuring and mixing tools needed to make my own glazes.
Romantic Blue Ceramic Nesting Heart Bowls READY TO SHIP -  Minimalist Blue heart serving bowls-  couples wedding engagement or anniversary
My studio is 1000 sq feet located in an office building between a dentist's office and a doctor's office. Half the space is dedicated to a gallery where locals and tourists can come in and see and buy my work; the rest of the space holds my pottery wheel, kiln, slab roller and tools, clay and glazes. Generally people who come in to browse my work will see me working at the wheel or glazing pieces for the next kiln firing.
Angel Wings heart-shaped wall vase or business card holder in robin's egg blue - ready to ship

I'm located in a popular ski destination in Colorado (Steamboat Springs) -- home to around 50 Olympians who have competed in events such as downhill skiing, ski jumping, cross-country, etc. We get a lot of visitors both winter and summer because of the great hiking in the mountains here.
One ceramic heart vases hangs on wall  - Ready2Ship lichen glaze - home decor - thank you birthday new job
I've been an etsy seller since August 2006 and get a kick out of sending my work (over 3000 pieces of pottery so far) all over the world to be used in homes where I'm sure I have never heard of the food and or drinks being served in them.
Turquoise Blue Ceramic heart shaped trinket dish IN STOCK - teabag holder - minimalist decor

You can tell from my work that the inspiration comes from where I live. You'll often find aspen trees, flowers, grasses, mushrooms and other flora and fauna of the area depicted in my designs. And I LOVE color, so browsing my shop is like traveling to the end of the rainbow.
Five Tiny Nesting Hearts in Rainbow Colors Ships Immediately - - Ceramic heart shaped trinket dishes - teabag holder - minimalist decor
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