Sunday, September 30, 2012

1 Tree Yoga


Visit our fabulous featured Etsy shop 1treeyoga
The 1Treeyoga shop has a collection of handmade shoulder bags and yoga mat bags. Each bag is sewn with love and care. Her yoga mat bags are made to provide the utmost protection for your mat, while allowing you to express yourself with the style that matches your personality. 1treeyoga is committed to developing products of functionality and style for your life. 1 treeyoga shares that all of her products are made with the same passion that motivates us to practice yoga.     Namaskar


I loved to make crafts as a young child. I would give handmade gifts for birthday and Christmas gifts. When I was in my twenties I worked at an arts and crafts store. It seems like I have been doing this as far back as I can remember.


 15 years ago I started practicing yoga. I wanted to share the joy of yoga with others. I picked the best way I knew making yoga accessories. With the support of my husband I decided to open a shop on
Nature inspires me to be creative, especially the beach. I also love trees. From the beautiful green summer tree to the bare grey winter tree.

I am a nut over quotes. I have so many favorites that I keep written down in notebooks but here are just a few.

"Only loving thoughts are true, anything else is an appeal for healing and help."
                                                                                                      The Course

"Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world; it is appeased by LOVE."

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Aqua Blue Bird Wool Coin Purse - $28.00

I am so in love with these adorable little wool animal coin purses! I made a bird just like this for myself and I love how it makes me feel happy and smile every time I use it. It is great for running out on errands or when I just want to bring my credit card with me! Many have asked me about my adorable little critters, so here they are!

This little wool folk art bird is handmade with loving care to detail. It is created using 100% Aqua blue felted wool with lime green and blue design. Use my coupon code for 20% off not- only one left!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sparkle City Jewelry

Sparkle City Jewelry

You are sure to love Sparkle City Jewelry's whimsical and unique jewelry. I love her gemstone beaded jewelry and sparkly resin pieces. Sparkle City Jewelry is holding a back to school sale... check out her shop for this special deal! Back to school sale 15% off your entire purchase from now until September 14, use coupon code backtoschool at checkout.

I'm an artist who graduated with a degree in visual communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. My love for jewelry design began years ago when a bead store opened near my house. I used to go and buy some beads and I just made earrings and my designs grew from there. Then people started to take notice of my creations when I wore them and I just sold them right off my neck. That's when I decided to open my home business.

I choose only the highest quality materials for my designs. My philosophy is that if it's not good enough for me then it's not good enough for my customers. The gemstone beads I use are a high grade and rich in color and texture. Also, I use resin, I have to say it is my favorite material do to the versatility of the substance. I can design items that are more colorful and funky. There are not limits to how creative you can get with it.

Over the years I have sold at various shows and fundraising events. Recently, I opened my Etsy store and have enjoyed the site very much. There are many wonderful artists on Etsy, it's amazing to me how you can really connect with people online and grow friendships. Truly that is what jewelry designing is to me, it's about connecting with wonderful people thru my work.
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