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In keeping with the "Eclectica" in her shop name, Jan makes crocheted wearables, afghans, and throws; collaged greeting cards and ACEO's; and her signature Tabletop Labyrinths. Jan shares her belief that beyond that, the sky's the limit! Enjoy her feature and a visit to her shop!

by EclecticaByJan

Be sure to enjoy a visit to Jan's shop

I have been needleworking and crafting since I was a kid - that's over half a century with a crochet hook & yarn in my hands! In keeping with the "Eclectica" in my shop name, I make crocheted wearables, afghans, and throws; collaged greeting cards and ACEO's; and my signature Tabletop Labyrinths. Beyond that, the sky's the limit, and I will be updating my offerings as my creative nose leads me onto new paths.

I freely admit that organization is not one of my strong points, but I want to share one thing that really works for me:

These folding canvas bins, which are available at variety stores like Target and Kmart, are great! They fit perfectly on the built-in shelves in the photo, where I use them to store sewing supplies and notions. The lowest row of bins holds books and items I don't use very often. I have more bins on freestanding shelves in my collage room, where I store markers, paints, embellishments, photos, floral materials, and so forth.I like the bins because - first of all - the bright colors lift my spirits when I see them lined up like this. Then, I don't have to be too organized to corral my clutter when I toss it in the bin. I put just like items together in a plastic bag, and I'm good to good to go. On the handle of each bin, I've hung colorful tags to identify the contents. Not bad for someone who's organizationally challenged!One last thing: I really can't work without a studio cat! The second photo shows my cat Luvlee, helping me out with a fabric-sorting project. And I've included a picture of me holding the furry culprit, just before we head off for some noms :)


  1. Thank you for featuring me & my shop - and LuvLee! The article looks great; wonderful blog!

  2. Very cool - and a great system!

  3. www.megnificentco.etsy.comAugust 11, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    I love that you have a studio cat! I have a senior chihuahua myself. Beautiful work! Great pieces.


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