Sunday, November 23, 2008

Schedule Some Time In Your Studio

Tips For Busy People
(From A Busy Person!)

Well... I finally got around to cleaning my studio (kind of). I've started at least. Why is it that the things we love to do the most are the things that seem to be put on the back burner until we "find" more time.
I recently read a tip in the new Somerset "Studios" magazine to schedule time in your studio every day. I think that it is a great idea! I can manage 30 minutes a day!
Some might say that takes away the spontaneity of creating but I say it gives me time back in my studio where I haven't been for too long.
I really do plan to start this daily scheduled time in the studio, and so... cleaning and organizing was a good first start. My studio was definitely a reflection of the busyness of my life. It actually looked a bit chaotic. The first session definitely took more than 30 mins. (actually 4 hours) but I loved every minute of it, rediscovering old friends and rekindling my passion.
Now I feel better about entering my studio, a place to take back time for myself each day, a mini getaway from the busyness and stress of every day life and routines.

Gotta go. It's Studio time.
Here are some recent creations!
Post studio clean-up...scheduled
studio time!
Patterned paper birds sit on top of a ribbon wire .
Burlap background is adorned with coloured beaded stars.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

Hi! My name is Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes and I’m a photographer. I work mainly in black and white…no matter how hard I try to shoot color images, I never really stray from my love for strong contrast and the stunning simplicity of pure black and white. I’ll photograph anything that doesn’t move! I love to capture architecture, light, small details: the beauty in every-day things that we often overlook. I always have my batteries charged for my digital camera…there’s nothing worse that seeing something lovely and finding out you can’t shoot it! I have two young boys and I try to see from their point of view – they love to investigate things, so I find myself shooting in macro, picking up the small details, rather than standing back and taking a longer view. Recently I’ve started experimenting with an old Kodak Duaflex viewfinder – I love the grainy quality it gives my pictures! Everything inspires me – I just have to be sure I don’t rush through my day – when I’m taking in my surroundings, the photographs tend to find me, rather than the other way around. I also love to do commissioned work - making someone happy with a piece of art that I created just for them is a fantastic feeling.I’ve just started a blog: “The Stories Behind the Pictures.” There are so many funny things going on when I work, I just had to share them! I post a different image and story every week – I enjoy sharing the process with everyone just as much as I love sharing my artistic point of view.
Visit Michelle and her extraordinary work at

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When The Snow Flies

A Time To Reflect

Well the snow has officially landed in Northern Ontario. We are very fortunate to experience the four seasons and each is magnificent. I love the first snow, so clean and white. It glistens in the sun and blankets the ground signalling the beginning of a season of hibernation. I think the snow often forces me to slow down and savour the time inside. That is when I love to create the most. When it is cold and chilly outside, I am wrapped snugly in a warm robe complete with fuzzy slippers. My girls love to spend time in the art room creating with me which adds to the warmth I feel. I am glad that nature gives me the time to reflect and rejuvenate at such a busy time.

"Snow Much Fun" ~ one of my wintertime snow creations

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fatally Cute

by kmwatkins

I am Karen Watkins and I am a artist who mostly does paintings that lean towards the illustrative side. I paint exclusively with acrylic on illustration board, canvas, and wood. I also love to hand sew and have started needle felting recently. Much of my subjects are cute animals, imaginary creatures, living environments, and young women.

Color is also important to my work. My art besides being cute, a lot of times has a sense of humor and is also at times creepy. In my studio area I try to keep everything I use everyday very accessible like my paints, brushes, palette sheet, etc. Things like extra canvases and bare wood plaques I keep together so I can grab whatever I need when I need it. I also have my little muses on my desk (little toys) on my desk for extra inspiration.

Check out Karen's blog

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