Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stymiepie Studies

Have you always wanted to create art?! I can remember loving to create as a kid and it being my favourite subject in elementary school. I'm happiest when I am creating and was excited to be inspired to create again as an adult. Stymiepie Studios shares her creative start and inspirations. I love her little Fairies. Leave me a comment and share what inspires you!

Enjoy a visit to her shop
and her wonderful blog

i've been an artist since i was about 3 years old. as my mom used to tell it, she would put some brown paper shopping bags on the kitchen floor with crayons to keep me quiet while she worked around the house. the rest is history. i've never been quiet, and i've never stopped drawing. i went to art & design high school in new york city, taking the train from brooklyn every morning, thinking i was the coolest kid alive: with a giant black beret, long black coat, black platform shoes , false eyelashes and my portfolio. looking back now , i guess it freaked out the businessmen on their way to work..but i was an ARTIST!!! i handpaint gifts for kids and create custom art based on whatever inspires me. i'm into a fairy/mermaid/baby animal thing right amazes me that an idea or picture will come into my head and my hand puts down what i see on paper..most of the time, it's exactly the way i want it, but when you hit that "block" it's like being underwater..the harder you try , the worse it is. i've always worked in the art field and i'm grateful that i've been able to spend my work life doing what i love. although i have a mural business ( that's taken me all over the country, my etsy shop is one of my proudest achievements..i've never had a shop before, and learning how to run this business and meet the incredible artisans on this site has been so much fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lindy's Place

Jessica named her shop after her grandmother. She loves to make a variety of jewelry, crochet and handmade paper. Check out her very cool and funky record bowls. A unique collection to your decor.

Visit Jessica at

My name is Jessica my shop name is Lindys place after my grandmother. I create jewelry, crochet and handmade paper. My work space is a whole lot more cluttered now than it used to be, I had my own craft room until my brother moved in with me... Now my desk and supplies are squished into a corner of my bedroom. I use a lot of babywipe containers and Record Bowls for storage use of beads and other smaller supplies. I have a garbage bag full of yarns and a plastic dresser full too.
My scrapbook supplies are mostly in tote bags in my closet.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Viewing The World From A Different Perspective

Creating is a reflective process. It often begins with inspiration and ends in a new appreciation of the process. Sometimes creating is emotional and leaves one feeling empowered or drained depending on the type of impact creating that work had. It is through the creative process that artists share a little piece of themselves. Viewing the creation often asks others to look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes we view the piece and resonate quite loudly with acceptance and approval. There are also pieces that engage us to really think about the artist's perspective and how it relates to our own sense of reality and life. Sometimes we are looking for something to simply take our cares away and offer a smile. JV photography offers to open your mind and have you view his images through a different perspective. Enjoy.

JV Photography

I'm a photographer that lives in Miami. I had studied photography when I was in school, but it kind of lost focus for me as time went by. A couple of months ago I was able to attend several gallery showings and art gallery debuts and my interest was immediately sparked. I decided to get back into photography and have slowly been building up my collection.
Why did I choose photography? Well, when I'm out taking pictures I am able to slow down and relax while having the ability to share my thoughts, ideas and emotions with people, and this is all accomplished through a simple photograph. It also allows me to open the minds of people so that they can view the world from a different perspective, one that is unique and interesting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Little Fox

The Little Fox

I love featuring Etsy artists and artisans and am always interested in finding out more about their creative inspirations. It is my pleasure to introduce you to The Little Fox. Here is a little bit about her.

Little Fox has 3 degrees in Architecture, History of Art and Interior Design.
Her favourite thing to do as a child was to draw her own graphic novels ( which her mom still keeps somewhere!)
She still owns her very first plush toy. It was a gift from her dad the day she was born, and although it lost its nose and tongue many-a-years ago, she still can't find anything as adorable as him. She named him The Sad One when she was 3.

Her list of favourite (famous) people include Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, Alan Rickman, and Robert Plant.

The Little Fox
Check out her blog at

I grew up as an only child, and since both my parents worked pretty long hours, and very often brought work back home, I guess I became adept to using my imagination a lot and always fabricating quirky little scenarios in my head. I started painting very early during my childhood, and I especially loved (and still do) Andersen's tales and Carroll's Alice books.
I enjoy painting girls of unspecified age, that look girly and serious at the same time. I was always fascinated with what may be hiding behind a phenomenally simple expression, what story might that person tell if he/she was given the chance...I like making up quirky scenarios about their life, but in the end it's always them that make me go one way or another.
My influences consist mostly of graphic novel artists, such as Michael Zulli, Simon Bisley, and John Bolton in particular.Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Series, (actually anything by the man is inspiring), Blythe dolls, Tim Burton's movies, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Lewis Carroll's and Andersen's book, the Grimm Brothers. Anything sweet and enigmatic at the same time. But really, if an image swims around my head for days, the inspiration for it could be anything...sometimes it's a dream I just had and that's why I always keep a sketchbook by my bed!"
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