Friday, August 28, 2009

So Many Ideas and So Many Projects!

Sherri enjoys making jewelry with sports in mind and adults who just want to have fun jewelry.
I can relate when she says that she has so many ideas and so many projects on the go at the same time (the reason for my messy art space!). I like to keep a journal beside my bed or in my "art room", formally the "ping pong" room so that I can draw or write my ideas down (by the way, a ping pong table is an excellent work space to spread out!). Etsy Studios followers would love to hear how you keep track of all of your ideas until they are created. Enjoy a visit to Sherri's shop and check out her many wonderful projects .

by WinningWreaths

Hi, my name is Sherri and I'm the creative one behind WinningWreaths. I started my name
based on the idea that I was going to make wreaths. Not just any wreaths, but wreaths for Nascar, MLB, NFL, NBA, and Harley Davidson. Somehow along the way I got side tracked. I ended up making jewelry. Now I make jewelry with sports in mind and adults who just want to have fun jewelry. I also have wine glass charms, cell phone charms, and barrettes. I enjoy being creative and coming up with different ideas. Right now, I have a full time job outside the house, but I work on Etsy every available moment I have. After work and days off are spent in the garage working on my jewelry.
I have a table set up in the garage with a tall cabinet to keep all my supplies in. I also have roll carts with drawers where I keep everything I make. Every drawer is organized with each item I make. One for rings, one for necklaces, and so on. My table is a different story. I would have to say everything is all over the place because I have so many ideas and projects going on all at once. In the end, it's all ok as long as I make something that someone will love to have.

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