Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lovely Little Studio

My Lovely Little Studio

I am excited to share some fabulous news with everyone!
I have just opened my very own studio/shop called Lovely Little Studio.  It is a quaint little room in an old Ministry of Natural Resources hanger (with ghosts I'm told). It is a warehouse style building with many smaller rooms. The local Pottery guild is attached to the hanger space in the building. It has a wonderful vintage/rustic feel with many local artisans sharing their wares- from vintage style jewellery, pottery, paintings, photography, collage, fiber art and much more! You will also find fabulous re-furbished vintage and antique furniture from many eras and times re-done in modern styles and colours to fit your home.

Here is a video that tells a bit about our little warehouse artisan space:

Come back often to see the progress of my studio space. I will share before and after pictures.
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My online Etsy shop that features my handmade art:

Best wishes,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindred Stitches Artist Feature

Hello everyone! Happy Spring!

I am very excited to share some fabulous news with you.  I am the featured artist/designer in the newest edition of "Kindred Stitches"! It is a fabulous online lifestyle and craft magazine.

I have had the opportunity to purchase two of their previous editions. I absolutely love their magazine. The photography is stunning and I loved the designer feature (getting to know the artist and their craft is a real treat and so personal) ~ It's me this month!

My Etsy Shop

 The whole concept of their magazine is fabulous. I love that it is an online magazine and that everything they feature is easily accessible and linked to the website or the item they are featuring. It is very user friendly.

Designer/Artist Kerry Grbich

 The handmade items that they choose to feature are wonderful. I would love to try all of them- with easy to follow instructions and clear photos to follow along. I also loved the links to Etsy artists as well as your favourite Pinterest finds  (and then you can click on them and its right there)! The video tutorials are also a wonderful idea- quick to load and easy to use.

Do It Yourself  Hoop Art Design by Hartstringz

Can you tell I LOVE the magazine!? Such a fabulous concept and so nicely put together! Fabulous!

 I feel very excited and honoured to be a part of their wonderful magazine.
You can get it here on the Apple stand:

Here is a video link to preview their magazine:

 Thank you for this opportunity! Please share with your friends!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Little Celebrations

Featured Shop
Little Celebrations
Enjoy a visit to Little Celebrations etsy shop where you will find beautiful, affordable children's party invitations and accessories. All designs are original and can be customized for your special occasion.
Customized and Printable Magic Birthday Party Invitation

My name is Libby McCalden and I live in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have been an artsy person for as long as I can remember. This, in addition to a love of graphic design and planning kids’ birthday parties has lead me to my current position as a designer of unique, printable kids’ party invitations and accessories. 
Spy Birthday Party Disguises/Photo Booth Props
I create each invitation theme myself from start to finish. From the invitation I then go on to create a party package which includes everything from thank you cards to birthday banners and water bottle wrappers to birthday hats. I love the opportunity to print and assemble my creations myself but they are all available in digital format as well. It gives me great satisfaction to see the finished product.
Customized and Printable Fire Truck Birthday Party Invitation
I would love to tell you that I do all this creating in a beautiful, well organized studio but the truth is I do most of my designing in the afternoons sitting in my messy living room overlooking the majestic Ottawa River. The seasons change quite significantly up here so I go from staring out over a frozen sheet of ice to the grey clouds of a summer storm rolling down the river to a the sail boats gliding up stream on a breezy late spring day. I love living in the country and smile to myself every day that I get to work from the comfort of my home.
Customized and Printable Flag Birthday Party Invitation
The biggest inspiration in my life and work is my family. They began inspiring me the second they each came into my life and changed it forever. They continue to inspire me every day with their love, smiles, happiness and support.
Candy Land Birthday Party Thank You Card
My life as a designer came to me gradually. It was not planned nor do I know where it is going but I can tell you I love every second of it. Last year I found a quote that I go back to often when feeling discouraged…”The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” –Jessica Hische.

This is what I plan to do!

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