Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Spending time to do what you love is a very treasured time. I find it so important to plan and take the time needed to enjoy my creative muses! Time seems to slip away when we get busy with everyday life that we have to remind ourselves to take time for ourselves. Beaded Treasures finds solice in her treasured time and tells us that "crafting is my way of relaxing and finding my creative outlet on stressful days." How about scheduling some precious treasured time to do what you love. Visit to see her wonderful Etsy shop.

by Beaded Treasures

Beaded Treasures & More was really more of something that I stumbled upon one day. I have always loved crafting when I have the time and I just thought that maybe I could sell what I make and share my talent with other people. I am a freelance Graphic Artist and a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful daughter. I do not just like to craft in one area: I have taken professional art lessons, have a graphics degree, love to make rosaries and jewelry, design wedding flowers and do other miscellaneous crafts with beads and whatever I can find around. I don't really have a specific workspace at my home, but I tend to gravitate towards the small desk in the guest bedroom.
I usually try to keep it as neat and tidy as I can so I have the most workspace available. I have limited time to craft and usually do it while my daughter naps in the afternoon and in the evenings before bedtime. I am efficient and very meticulous and every item that is in my shop is made with much care. I really enjoy doing custom items because they can be more personal way to connect with the buyer. Crafting is my way of relaxing and finding my creative outlet on stressful days.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Regeneration, Resilience and Enchantment

Giftbearer has many completely unique pieces of jewelry. She offers jewelry suitable for all occasions and a variety of tastes. Her recurrent themes of regeneration, resilience and enchantment show up in a number of forms to take the viewer on a journey of intrigue through the senses. Visit her wonderful Etsy shop .

by Giftbearer
I make Contemporary Tribal style jewelry, am of Iroquois Indian heritage, and most of my work draws from indigenous cultures while maintaining a high standard of refinement. One of my missions is to show people that jewelry can be tribal without being primitive, that it need not always be traditional, but can venture in new and exciting directions. I like to draw upon the symbols of the past without being restricted by it. My jewelry is usually created in either my art room or bedroom in my house. I have little stations where I have certain projects set up so that I can move easily back and forth between each one as the need and inspiration arises.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Back to Nature

Ashley's combined love of Physical Geography (thus her beautiful nature-based artwork ) and beautiful paper is where her inspiration comes from. She dabbles in flocking, stamp carving, embossing and a little bit of computer-aided design. Enjoy a visit to her quaint Etsy shop...a must visit (I'm going there right now!) .

by AshleyPahl

Although I have been crafting since early childhood, it was the experience of creating my own wedding invitations that led me to stationery design. With some training in screen printing, the Print Gocco was a good place to start. I also dabble in flocking, stamp carving, embossing and a little bit of computer-aided design. Although I was working as an office assistant and finishing my degree in natural sciences, I could not quiet my creative side. I set up shop as on Etsy in October of 2007 to test the waters.

The ball got rolling pretty quickly, and in December of 2008 I opened, changing my business name. Around this same time I had my first baby and moved to Chicago, where I currently work.

My design space, which started out as a closet in my student apartment, has morphed into a system of labeled Tupperware bins, re-labeled and re-used baby formula cans, and shelves in contained cupboards in our new family apartment. To keep my life less hectic and more organized, I try to pull out only what I need for each project as I work at my desk in my living room. It's my dream to have a room dedicated solely to my craft someday, but until then, I enjoy working at my desk near the windows with a view of the Windy City.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simplicity, Texture, and Experimentation

Simplicity, texture, and experimentation are what drive Heather's gorgeous jewelry designs. She has sold through galleries and shops for many years. She personally designs all of her jewelry and her designs are hand-made using various techniques of metalsmithing. She is currently running a SALE on all items till Oct 1st with FREE shipping. Be sure to stop by her Etsy shop

Heather Grandmont Jewelry 2009

Simplicity, texture, and experimentation are what drive my jewelry designs. I enjoy working with many materials but feel especially drawn to metal. Color is one aspect I miss most with what I do but jewelry does lend the ability to add color in the form of enamels, beads, and mixed media. Most of my designs are developed through playing with different forms that I already have made, and sometimes from my sketches- but mostly by putting pieces together till I like what I see. I love metal that has that raw, organic, makers-mark to it. The look of old, worn, time brought to the present. I studied art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I was a double major in metalsmithing and painting. I was lucky enough to have received many awards, scholarships, and recognition while attending, both for my painting and metalwork. I haven’t painted in a long time but have managed to continue my focus with jewelry and design. Being an artist you have to get creative with finances which sometimes mean working a job other than your art. I’ve tried numerous times to make it full-time but because of health insurance or cash flow have found myself working at different places part-time such as The Cleveland Institute of Art, Kohl’s, and my current job as a dental receptionist. These jobs have provided me with connections and a group of supportive friends. Without them I might have become a hermit. About a year and a half ago I had a son with my husband Marcus.
I decided to take a short break from my business during pregnancy and right after because I wanted to focus all of my time and energy to my new family and health. I was still in stores during that time but had cut way back. It helped that I had a lot of inventory on hand. Now my little guy is a “little” older and I have been able to sneak down to my studio during his naps and at night. I have been getting that creative bug- you know the one that sticks in your head 24 hours a day till you allow yourself to play again! It feels great to be back and being a mom! Etsy has become a great place to find fantastic artists who are supportive and enthusiastic, not to mention all the great stuff you can buy! So if I find myself in the studio full-time again I won’t have to worry about becoming a hermit. Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Something For Everyone

Recupefashion on Etsy was born out of a love to recycle and make something new again. It is an Eco-Friendly shop where you can find a bit of everything to offer as a gift. You can find such things as tea wallets, spa bath sets, bath puffs, wrist cuffs, tie purses, head bands etc..
Visit this quaint Etsy shop to find a little something for everyone!

I've always been into crafting , even when I was a wee kid. I was playing with Barbie dolls and dressing them with Kleenexes and tape to make it stay and for earrings I would use those colored pins we use to pin the fabric with, so it stays in place. Then she'd be the prettiest around, well to my eyes , she was. I remember loving to craft.

I started sewing at a very young age so I could make clothes for my Barbie and dolls. I also took up jewelry making a bit after that , I must have been 12 years old. My mom kept all the old broken jewelry and I would dabble in those for hours on end and would succeed in making pretty sets. So From then on I kept on crafting and keeping everything that I would find that could be helpful for later on. As I grew up they called what I was doing recycling. When I decided to open up Recupefashion it was after closing up a bigger exploitation of the name .I used to sell recycled clothing to 4 boutiques in Montreal for 3 years but then my back gave out, and after 2 surgeries and waiting for a 3rd one I had to change to something much lighter and easier on myself. So Recupefashion on Etsy was born: An Eco-Friendly shop where you can find a bit of everything to offer as a gift. Tea wallets, spa bath sets, bath puffs, wrist cuffs, tie purses, head bands etc.
1 year later I added Recupefashionnstuff:A fabric and supplies shop, you will have fun going through this shop as you will find some vintage fabrics and some not so, some awesome supplies to create some beautiful creations, and some other day today objects that would need another home.

2 months ago I opened BeautyRecycledThis shop offers you some beautiful, fun, fashionable, recycled, eclectic jewelry.It is also important to mention that this shop is also Eco friendly.Here are a few places where you can find me :


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twofold Upcycled Fine Art

I absolutely love the idea of featuring other artists. It is a wonderful opportunity to network with others and meet fantastic people. It also provides the opportunity to see some amazing art pieces that are so unique and inspire me to create. Kathy encorporates some amazingly bold and bright colours in her upcycled art pieces. These are one-of-a-kind art pieces that are beautiful and functional too. Enjoy having a look through her shop .

Twofold designs originated from an inspiration to utilize recycled materials in new and inventive ways. Over the last year I have worked out of my home, but have also utilized local wood shop spaces that allow me to take up a corner. It's important to find a well ventilated space when working with the glue and high gloss finish I use! I love using lots of color, so I collect all kinds of magazines to upcycle glassware and other thrift store finds. Durability is important to my designs. The high gloss finish I use gives my pieces the versatility to be decorative but also functional. I recently moved to New York and am working on creating a bigger studio space in my apartment. Can't wait to expand my workspace and start on some bigger pieces!I attached a photo of a wood shop I use as studio space and also a photo of a recent outdoor art walk I participated in.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Every Artist Dips His Brush In His Own Soul

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher

by nomadicdragon
"I want to see what you see." Those were the words that came with my first camera. No instructions on how to take a photo or use the camera, just take a photo of what you see. It was love at first click for me. I finally had a way to capture the unique, beautiful or interesting things in the world around me. My passion for photography has landed me two magazine covers and the love of my life. And I’m just getting started.

Be sure to visit Annette's amazing Etsy shop and prepare to be inspired!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inspiration Around Us

Inspiration comes in many forms and is found in our many everyday experiences. Honey Thistle's inspirations come from the music she listens to as well as the details in every day life - the corner of a window frame, a shape in the jungle gym, etc.. Honey Thistle started making jewelry about 4 years ago when she decided she wanted to wear something that was unique and no one else owned. Currently, she is drawing ideas for pieces from art, everyday architecture, and music. She loves listening to and finding new music , so many of her pieces will include some musical reference. Enjoy a visit to her Etsy shop

by HoneyThistle

I've been crafty for as long as I can remember. From papier mache cakes to slug plushies to record paintings, I've experimented a great deal. Right now, I'm focusing on my one love - jewelry. Maybe I'm attracted by the luster of the beads, or maybe it's the therapeutic feel of bending wire with my pliers. Whatever the reason, I started creating jewelry five years ago and have never looked back! I decided to start this Etsy shop this summer both as a creative outlet to share my pieces with the world (so to speak), and also as a way of paying off my ever-mounting university debt (the numbers are frightening!).

My inspirations come from the music I listen to as well as the details in every day life - the corner of a window frame, a shape in the jungle gym, etc. My workspace is as cluttered with bits & pieces as my head is cluttered with motifs & ideas. So I'm probably not the best source to go to for organizational tips! But the one thing I do feel is worth mentioning is that I almost always have my sketchbook with me so I can jot down ideas as soon as they come. Half of them will probably never come to fruition (the impossibility of it only hits afterwards) but it's still fun to dream.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Passion for Painting

Catherine's colours are simply irresistably vibrant and alive. She has return to her beloved roots in painting, enjoying an intimate relationship with colour, texture and pattern. Non representational abstract art is Catherine's passion. Enjoy a visit to her Etsy studio at .

Catherine Gutsche is a mixed media artist in Ottawa Canada and works full time as a graphic designer and web master. She has paintings in private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. She studied Fine Art/Visual Art at York University in Toronto, earning an Honours Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a major in graphic design. She worked after graduation for several years as a graphic designer in the vibrant downtown Toronto graphic arts market.
Since moving to Ottawa Catherine has return to her beloved roots in painting, enjoying an intimate relationship with colour, texture and pattern. Non representational abstract art is Catherine's passion.Travel has always played a role in Catherine’s life, beginning at the age of 16 with a trip to China during the period of Mao Tse-tung. China showed Catherine the importance in art of pattern. She was inspired by Chinese artists' ability to manipulate designs and colours to form intricate repetitions that are flipped or rotated to create artistic masterpieces seen on walls, floors, ceilings and household objects.

Exposure to the capitals of Europe during her university years, gave Catherine an appreciation for the great masters in all their glory – size, colour and textures – none of which translate in coffee table books. But it was in Australia that she gained a feel for the impact of colour where Uluru (Ayers Rock) changes from earthy reds to silvery-greys, with streaks of charcoal black algae. Nowhere else in the world are there colours that extend as far as the eye can see.Catherine brings all these experiences into her paintings, combining textiles, found items and paint, and finally allowing her joy of colour to spill onto every canvas she works on.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excess Baggage Solutions

Excess Baggage Solutions strive to bring you a growing selection of fun and affordable homemade bags that can be used for "anything from carrying school books to making a trip to the beach, to just being an everyday bag or purse." Have fun visiting her Etsy shop . She is offering *********Free Shipping On Everything Until Tuesday September 8!!!*********.

My mother has been sewing since she was a small child and sewing was always something I was into. Another passion my mother and I share is photography. So naturally I gravitated towards this as well. Recently I was on a family vacation and wandered into a quilt shop with my mother and found these awesome bags that were basically leftover quilts I guess you could say, but they had been turned into tote bags.

I bought two of them and decided "these are pretty easy to make, I can do this" and Excess Baggage Solutions was born right there. As time went on I thought of other things I could offer as well and started trying to get those out there.

I've had people ask me about buying my photographs before and was always very flattered so I decided to offer some of them here on Etsy. I take pictures of a wide variety of things and I've been toying with the idea of auto-related photographs as well because I do have quite a collection of them.
Everything that I sew, I sew right in my own dining room and I get a lot of feedback and commentary from friends and family and all that only helps to make me put out a better caliber of product.
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