Saturday, February 9, 2013

Little Celebrations

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Little Celebrations
Enjoy a visit to Little Celebrations etsy shop where you will find beautiful, affordable children's party invitations and accessories. All designs are original and can be customized for your special occasion.
Customized and Printable Magic Birthday Party Invitation

My name is Libby McCalden and I live in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have been an artsy person for as long as I can remember. This, in addition to a love of graphic design and planning kids’ birthday parties has lead me to my current position as a designer of unique, printable kids’ party invitations and accessories. 
Spy Birthday Party Disguises/Photo Booth Props
I create each invitation theme myself from start to finish. From the invitation I then go on to create a party package which includes everything from thank you cards to birthday banners and water bottle wrappers to birthday hats. I love the opportunity to print and assemble my creations myself but they are all available in digital format as well. It gives me great satisfaction to see the finished product.
Customized and Printable Fire Truck Birthday Party Invitation
I would love to tell you that I do all this creating in a beautiful, well organized studio but the truth is I do most of my designing in the afternoons sitting in my messy living room overlooking the majestic Ottawa River. The seasons change quite significantly up here so I go from staring out over a frozen sheet of ice to the grey clouds of a summer storm rolling down the river to a the sail boats gliding up stream on a breezy late spring day. I love living in the country and smile to myself every day that I get to work from the comfort of my home.
Customized and Printable Flag Birthday Party Invitation
The biggest inspiration in my life and work is my family. They began inspiring me the second they each came into my life and changed it forever. They continue to inspire me every day with their love, smiles, happiness and support.
Candy Land Birthday Party Thank You Card
My life as a designer came to me gradually. It was not planned nor do I know where it is going but I can tell you I love every second of it. Last year I found a quote that I go back to often when feeling discouraged…”The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” –Jessica Hische.

This is what I plan to do!

Website -
Facebook -

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shoot Like A Girl Photography

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Shoot Like A Girl Photography

Enjoy a visit to Lauren's etsy shop
where you will discover beautiful landscape,nature, flowers and cityscape images.

Venice, Italy Spire - 8x10 Print Matted to 11x14
by Lauren
My journey as a photographer came forth out of both a love of art and a desire to overcome personal tragedy. About ten years ago, I had been working as a music journalist and photographer when I experienced a violent crime at the hands of a stranger. It proved to be a life-changing event. As part of healing from the trauma, I sought ways to see tangibly the beauty still present in the world. I challenged myself to capture with my camera the extraordinary hiding within the ordinary all around me. But, it proved to be a wonderful surprise to realize just how abundant beauty is in the world.
Red Rose in Vienna - Set of 5 Blank Greeting Cards (Great for a Birthday or Holiday Day Gift)
Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, I especially savor taking photos of cityscapes, landscapes and flowers/nature. In 2009, I launched and began offering 8"x10" and 11"x14" matted prints of my work. Soon after, I started a line of greeting cards featuring my photos professionally mounted on high quality linen paper. I frequently have exhibits in and around NYC and look forward to continuing to grow in my work. There is always something new to discover-- and take pictures of!
Wall Decor: Manhattan Bridge, NYC - 8x10 Print Matted to 11x14 with Black Mat

This is one of my current favorite images:

Favorite quote: "A picture is a poem without words." - Horace

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jenn Henson Designs

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Jenn Henson Designs

Enjoy a visit to Jenn's etsy shop where you will find unique mixed media prints and original designs created by Jenn.
House Of Love And Dreams Mixed Media Original 10x10
by Jenn
My love for crafting started back in 2000 when I took a beginners scrapbook class at a local Jo-Ann's store. I was immediately hooked. I have a love for paper, stamps, paint, ink, vintage, and anything and everything I can get my hands on and put on a canvas, scrapbook page or card.
Heart Plaster Mixed Media Original 11x14

I take online classes to learn new techniques and to practice more of what I am making. I opened my Etsy shop in May of 2012 after many of my friends saw what I was making and said that I needed to sell it. I have a passion for what I make. I always keep my art uplifting and bright. It makes me happy to see the smiles on peoples faces when they receive a piece of what I make.
Flowers In Nature Mixed Media Original 12x12
My facebook page:

My blog:

Instagram: jennhensondesigns      

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Distinct Designs

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My Distinct Designs

Enjoy a visit to My Distinct Designs where you will find beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry featuring swarovski crystals, unique beautiful beads and charms.
Silver Locket Necklace, Heart Locket, Victorian Locket Necklace, Pink Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace
by Sherry
I have been designing and making jewelry for over 15 years. This all started for me when I owned an upscale ladies boutique. I owned my boutique for 15 years and it was very hard at times to find the perfect pieces of jewelry to put with the items I sold in my boutique. I started creating my own pieces. In 2006 I decided that I needed a change so I closed my boutique but still had the desire to create jewelry. I sold my pieces to a handful of shops. I saw an article in Woman's Day in 2007 (I think that was the year) about Etsy. I didn't decide until 2011 to take the leap to on line selling. To say on line selling was a learning curve for me is an understatement. I had and still have so much to learn. The designing part is the easy part for me. I go to sleep at night with ideas spinning in my head. Each day I try to balance my day between working on my business and taking care of the day to day demands of life in general.  I have a spare bedroom in my home that I have turned into my studio. I sit at my work table and "get lost" in my jewelry.
Silver Leaf Earrings,  Skeleton Leaf Earrings, Nature Jewelry, Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

My favorite material to work with is sterling silver. I do use other pieces that go with sterling like swarovski crystals and a few other materials. That way I can have color and diversity. I love to wear my own pieces. It is very rewarding when I get compliments on my jewelry and inquiries about my business. I still have a few shops where I sell my jewelry and I do a few shows. I have to be selective about the # of shows I do because of time. It can become very consuming.
Silver Infinity Bracelet,  Bridesmaid Gift, Wedding Jewelry, Best Friend Eternity Friendship Bracelet, Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry

My favorite things to do when I am not working is spending time with my family and playing tennis.
In closing I would like to say that I love what I do. I love designing and making jewelry. It is a great feeling when someone picks my jewelry out of the thousands of pieces of jewelry on Etsy.

Silver Flower Pendant Necklace,  Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Regalia Jewellery

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Regalia Jewellery
Enjoy a visit to Tanya's etsy shop Regalia Jewellery where you will find beautiful and unique handmade pieces.
Pendant bird cage, silver pendant and silver chain  long necklace
by Tanya
I come from a family of accomplished artistic women who have encouraged an enthusiasm and flair for art and design and I was always happiest when I had a pencil and paper to hand. I started designing jewellery when I was very young and as I grew my interest in design and fashion took me down new and interesting avenues. At school I studied Art and textiles and then went on to college to get my A Levels in fine art, textiles, graphics and photography. It was only in the last few years that my passion for jewellery design was reignited and I started creating handmade jewellery pieces steadily again.
vintage rose necklace, antique copper chain with rose and flower beads.
I have always loved fashion and the way one can express themselves and their character and personal style through what they wear. I am particularly drawn to jewellery because it adds that personal touch to an outfit that brings it together and can change what you are wearing from day wear to evening wear. You can take a simple black dress and make it pop just by adding a statement necklace. I believe a person’s choice in jewellery reveals something about that person. Those special jewellery pieces can stay with you while the every changing high street fashion races on at a pace.
Butterfly post earrings silver plated
I love creating bespoke pieces for people that are individual, unique and precious to them. I know how annoying it is when you have an idea of the type of jewellery you would like to compliment that special outfit but you can’t find it anywhere. Knowing that I can create that piece for someone to add the sparkle they have been looking for makes me happy.
Vintage pearl crystal bracelet, memory wire bracelet, wrapped bracelet swa
I love working with wire, chain but most of all I enjoy working with gemstones because of there beautiful natural tones, and shapes that are unique in every stone. Gorgeous autumnal browns and oranges are my favourite hues to work with, but admittedly I’m a bit of a magpie and also love the bling and razzle, dazzle of faceted quartz and Swarovski crystals.
Pearl butterfly bracelet, memory wire bracelet
My personal style and taste in jewellery leans to boho, tribal jewellery or modern abstract silver pieces. My creative process is very hands on, so I’m normally inspired to make something because I’ve found some beautiful beads that I want to make a focal feature in my design.
silver swag necklace, stacked necklace, multi layered strand, long silver chain necklace.
Unlike my daily life which is neat, clean and well managed I tend to create artistically in organized chaos! I have slowly encroached upon my husband’s office space and started to turn it into my own studio. I think I have managed to convince him that turning the office into my own “beading room” is a good idea because it would get rid of all my beads, bits and bobs from our living area.

Quote I really like is -

"I'm not weird, I'm limited edition."

but for something more serious and inspiring I love this -

"Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real."!/regalia.jewellery

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Adoria

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My Adoria
Visit My Adoria where you will find fabulous handmade trendy collar necklaces and bracelets.
Free shipping collar necklace,peter pan collar, detachable collar, fashion collar,buttoned collar
by My Adoria
Recently I produce collar necklaces, leather bracelets, body chains, brooches, friendship and macrame bracelets, crochet necklaces, plexiglass necklaces in accordance with fashion.
Multi Strand Dangle Chain Earrings and Necklace Set  - Free Shipping -
I'm Gulis.I live in Turkey in Istanbul. I graduated from Fashion Design. Because my family is in textile I grow up in textile and fashion enviroment. I improve myself day by day and every other day I inspire from the things I am wondering around the country.
Leather cuff with rhinestone

As I go on production, I wanted to show myself on the internet. With reference of my mother I joined Etsy. And here I am. :)

Favorites quotation: “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ask Me Studio

Featured Etsy Studio
Ask Me Studio
Be sure to visit Ask Me Studio's etsy shop where you will find art pieces that have a special message that will speak to your heart. A new line of Vintage Paper Gifts are also now available.
by Galen Click
I began the studio in 1999 in a storage closet inside my I have taken over most of my enclosed garage. I am self taught and make all the clay art either by slab or hand built. I make all my own stamps and use no molds. The paper art is new and I am having a blast with this new media. As always my art is always 3 dimensional. I try to convey inspiration, encouragement and love.

Top 10 reasons why I love you Bag of Hearts
My favorite quote is from my mother (who was also an artist) she always told me, "You can do anything". This always gave me the freedom to try to create anything, to attempt anything new and to not be afraid to try and fail the first time. I consider this the greatest gift she ever gave me.

Handbuilt Green Ceramic Vase

My advice....explore all media and incorporate them into what you know best.....never stop morphing your art. When you hit a dry spell, try something new because it ignites a fire of creativity.

I Love You  Handmade Puffy Heart Decoration or Gift Vintage Music  Paper
You can follow me on Pinterest- Galen Click

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Black Factory

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The Black Factory

Enjoy a visit to Adriana's Etsy shop where you will find original photograms - they're like photographs made without a camera. You can also see drawings by Adriana mainly portraits and illustrations.
Watercolor "Sun girl" portrait - limited edition illustration print
by The Black Factory
Hi! My name is Adriana! I'm a freelance interior designer that loves drawing and photography.
I've been drawing since I can remember so I decided to open a shop while I'm finishing my design studies. I'm addicted to art. I often find myself sketching for hours while I have so much other work to do.

My inspiration comes from the nature and it's beauty. I spend a lot of time in forests and mountains and I can never get enough of it. That's why I started making photograms - one of a kind artworks representing objects that I choose - mostly plants that I gathered. My photograms are originals, created in a darkroom on 20 years old archival photo paper. My illustrations are prints of my originals, signed and dated on the back.
Watercolor "Bluebell" portrait - limited edition print

The process of creating something is very special to me so I always work while I'm alone. Life events often influence on my art. The most important thing about creative people is progress.
One of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes is "A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament."
Approx. 8x11" black and white dragonfly print from original photogram artwork

My shop:
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