Thursday, August 21, 2008

Previous Life ~ handmade that is!

I love it when I can use something old or re-use materials in my art. I am so excited to find lost treasures. Have you ever heard the saying "someone's trash is someone else's treasure"! So true! I can often find fabulous vintage items to mix with modern elements creating unique gifts. East Coast Kitsch has some great organizational tips using recycled items. A great way to do our part in keeping our Earth green.

If anyone has any other "green" ideas ~send me a comment and I'll do a" green" eco friendly feature.

East Coast Kitsch

Here's a bit about me!!I love to create and I love to create things that have already had a previous life (although that's not all I do). I try to stay pretty organized so I am very lucky to have one room in our home to dedicate to my work. I do this as a hobby, but would one day love for this to be a viable source of income. I travel quite a lot for my work, so I always have a couple of projects with me that I can work on to keep me sane on my travels! However, when I get home I love to spend an evening locked away in my crafting oasis.
Jane's favourite tips:
**Use recycled tin cans to keep your crafting tools organized- they look super cool and you are reducing your footprint!!
**Make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips- know where you put things or you will spend more time looking for items you have diligently tucked away.
**Keep a scrap bag- I always keep my scraps no matter how big or small- you never know when you might want to use them!!

Thanks Jane I look forward to "greening" my space a bit more!


  1. I love your reuse of items. I too look for 'treasures' and often find the neatest things that others are ready to toss.

    Great article and blog. EcoEtsy and Trashion Street Teams on Etsy both believe in 'found treasures'.

    Kae of

  2. It's fun getting a glimpse into other creative spaces!


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