Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Add Memories

I just returned from a little "before school starts" trip. We had a great time and took alot of pictures. I have soooo many pictures to place in an album. My girls are growing so quickly~it's hard to find the time to put all of the pictures in albums. If you are a busy mom like me you can have someone help you out~like ...Just Add Memories.
Just Add Memories

About four years ago I discovered Scrapbooking at my church's MOPs (Mother's Of Preschoolers) meeting. The craft for the night was making a paper bag scrapbook album. I had fun and went home thinking this is something I could do. A couple of days later I went out and purchased some stuff to get started. I have been hooked ever since!I love making scrapbook albums- especially for other people. I like thinking of the smiles people will have when they look at their pages or albums I have helped them create. It is cool to create something that will be treasured for many years to come.Personally- I am my family's record keeper in charge of the pictures and scrapbook albums. My kids are growing and changing so much! I want to remember every detail of our lives together! (Corny I know!)I love the process of taking paper, adhesive, and embellishments and making something beautiful out of it.

What makes scrapbooking special and unique to me is that each person adds their own memories to the page. You can have two identical albums and they will be different because it is YOURS. With your kids, family,and thoughts and feelings.

My scrapbook room is mainly where everything I work with is kept. Paper, albums, works in progress,my "office", my computer and etc. are in this room. I tend to bring stuff out of this room to create. Usually the living room table is where I scrap. Ocassionally the kitchen counter as well. On any given night I can be found scrapping away while watching TV with my hubby and dogs by my side. Olympics anyone?

I try to stay organized but it appears to be a losing battle. As you can see! I found a great dresser that holds a lot at the dump in a "swap" area. It was free and it works. I have a cart for patterned paper and wire shelves for cardstock. I like storage bin/drawer carts. I have four of these. I just got a new one for my etsy items made and to be made. My works in progress usually go on the big table until I come back to them. I love scrapping and doing it for others is incredibly rewarding.


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