Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Great Fun To See What Other Studios Look Like

I look at Robin Egg's studio and I can picture how wonderful it must be to create in this space. To add fun music, tea and chocolate just makes it that much more fabulous. Looooove your shop!
Robin's Eggs Studio

Hi Kerry! What an awesome series you're doing. It's great fun to see what other studios look like.

Welcome to robin's egg studio! The entire setup is tucked into an alcove in the master bedroom. This space was destined to become an artist's studio: the former resident of the bedroom was an artist too! There must be something in the air. All my work is done at a six-foot table, and mostly at night after my two little ones are tucked in.
The environment is as fun as I can make it: there's always upbeat music playing, a cup of tea or some chocolates nearby, and my children's artwork and photos are pinned to my bulletin board. As you can see I've got my paints, fabrics and such in a rolling cart that can get stashed away when I'm done for the night. I've had to hang my pieces on the walls as they're room elsewhere! It's nice to see how they look hung up, actually.
I've had to be extremely organized and have my little plastic sets of drawers nerdily labeled so I can find everything. In the future, the studio will be painted (robin's egg blue, of course) and have pretty curtains and a LOT more lighting. A utility sink would be great too, but there is no room and the bathroom is just steps away. A girl can dream, can't she?Thanks for visiting the studio!


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