Monday, August 25, 2008

Critters, Critters Everywhere!

Ux Critters

Signature 3 Artist's at UxCritter's Place on, include; myself, and my 2 children. In 2001, I picked up some beads and found the most exciting pastime I had ever known. It all started with 'downtime' at a salon I worked at as a nail technician. I couldn't sit idle very long and found myself beading at my nail station in between clients. As I finished projects, they were commenting on how pretty the jewelry was and would I sell it? Sales of my jewelry in the salon showed me that I had potential in the market place.

Sarah and Jesse also are very creative and became a part of the production and sales crew, and from our individual signature designs, came Signature 3, our logo. We took our finished projects to craft shows and discovered we had been enjoying the crafting so much that we didn't realize the volume we had as inventory until we headed out the door with it. The craft show circut was a short-lived experience, as the stress and strain of preparing for it and hauling all the product, and display units, there and back each time, was stressful.We then discovered the online sales potential with, and that has been the most rewarding experience we've known.

The name UxCritter's Place on Etsy, came from my online name which I had used previously, and I thought would be the most recognizable for my Etsy Shop. At the time I lived in Uxbridge and I am known foremost as a citter nut. My contribution to UxCritter's Place, personally, is a variety of materials and projects.

Sarah usually likes to work with more detailed and invloved projects, in which she will create her own designs, like intricate beaded patterns that she makes up her own graphs for, but lately she has been knitting and crocheting and prefers not to use a pattern, and does her own thing. She is finding however her products haven't been going online in UxCritters Place, since she has been keeping the end product for herself or friends and family.

Jesse is the true artist in this creative family unit. Jesse works with paints and brushes, woodburning designs, pastels, pencil sketches, and has now added fine art photography to his creative skills. His paintings, woodburning, and photography have sold in UxCritter's Place on Etsy, and can be seen in the sold section of our shop. However, college and work, tend to keep him very busy and wishing for more time to be able to create. The same goes for Sarah as she is busy with finishing up her last year in highschool. We try to update our UxCritter's Place shop on as often as is possible, so please drop by and see what is new and exciting from the Signature 3 Artist's.

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  1. Thank you Kerry for featuring our shop on your Etsy Studio's BlogSpot!!!


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