Monday, August 18, 2008


What inspires you?
Is it a song? a quote? amazing colours? talking to others? (not yourself! or maybe you inspire yourself~good for you!)
Above is a picture of my little art doll. She sits serenely in my studio and has become my creative muse. I can't seem to part with her now. Every time I look at her I feel peaceful and inspired.
Yesterday was a super fantabulous day. My city had their annual Art Sale and Exhibition ~Art In The Park~ with over 40 Artists and Artisans. Juried artists demonstrated and sold a variety of work.
I had a very successful day and was thrilled to have a chance to network and talk to people personally about my work. Shows or exhibitions are a great way to get more exposure for your art or craft. It's important to find a good match for you. Is it worth your time and energy?
For me this day was and I had a great day. I am inspired to step into my studio to create more. I enjoy seeing smiles and hearing the fantastic feedback. Everyone seems to enjoy telling me the special place they have for my art. They have already made a personal connection to my art and have made it their own. I love this !
So now I step into my studio, with fresh ideas and new inspiration.

Have a Peek at Mia's Inspiring Shop
Mia Sophia's Shop

Glass fascinates me. It can have different personalities and dimensions just by the way the light shines through it. I think everyone should have a special piece and that is why I use it to make jewelry. The favorite things I make are my miniature stained glass windows.

I take really special glass that has amazing characteristics, cut it to a small size so that everyone can have a piece for a window or to take with them on a chain. I make sure each one is special. My two spaces are my garage and my office

My garage studio is where I can do all my cutting, grinding and soldering. I use my office to put together the final touches and my packaging. I prefer my garage but, alas, no a/c so I can’t spend much time in there during the summer.

In order to stay organized I collect any kind of empty container to keep my glass. I organize it by color and size so that I can find the exact piece I need. I also have LOTS of Band-Aids handy! The mark of a glassier.

I love what I do and wouldn’t do anything else.
Visit Mia at her shop!

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