Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three in a Space ~Working Together~ Is it Possible?

Have you ever tried to share your space with someone else.? My space is a family games room with a built in extra large workspace ~ the Ping Pong table. I don't share my space with someone else per say but I do need to clean up my stuff when we have friends over to use the space. I love my space and will use any excuse to spend time in my retreat.

Here is a top excuse for spending time in the studio:
"If I weren't in here, I'd be eating. This is my diet plan." Annie Nordmark in Chicago,IL
~ If you have any excuse to share please post in comment on the blog!~
Featured Etsy Shop ~Krafty Krew

Koodos to Krafty Krew who have mastered the art of togetherness.

By ~KraftyKrew

Well lets see ,we are a joint venture of 3 me , my mom, and my sister and we live in my sister's home. My mom and I share the converted garage so we do with what we have .It's a bit crowded,but we manage.
Let me tell you~ there are times it drives me crazy. I don't like clutter or piles. But since I am not in my own home; well there you go. We try to use plastic shoe boxes to organize. We also use those crystal lite plastic tubes for our pens, rulers, buttons, etc... I use a lot of binders to keep myself organized with my projects and my mom and I use file cabinets to store our patterns.
We also take pictures of our projects to keep a log of what we make.
My sister uses those space bags to store her fabric. She has more room. She had a room built to suit her.
I have a few shelves for my fabrics, which I love .Fabric ~you can never have enough. Who ever dies with the most fabric wins :~) My mom also has a few shelves for her fabric but you will notice that a lot of our fabric is stacked up. We just love to go shopping especially those great fabric shops in Los Angeles.
We all do try to keep our own items and tools separate but sometimes we find that someone has taken our stuff. All in all we manage pretty well. We have fun together and help each other to make the best item so we can list and sell.
So I hope the pictures don't scare you .We do have some kind of organization , don't ask me what it is but I guess it's working for the moment LOL!!! If anyone out there wants to help me ,come on over and help me clean up my work area LOL!!!
Thanks for the opportunity~ kraftykrew aka Rita, Frances, Irene.Pss... the person you see in the picture is my mom. Here she is making her purses and wallets .She also makes soft sculpture dolls. You should see her Mr "T" and Betty Boop. I cant wait to list those. I think everyone will go gaga over them .

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  1. I really love the write up its embarrassing of how our work sapce looks compared to everyone elses LOL!!!! My moo really liked it too.


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