Friday, August 15, 2008

Now This Is How It's Done

Well ...we got to see my messy creating space ~ yes it does need some T.L.C.. Dee's space on the other hand looks wonderfully clean and organized.
Barefoot Bath and Body has got organization down pact!

Don't let Dee fool you. Look how organized her space is!
Check out Dee's Space.
An inspiration!

Feature ~ Barefoot Bath & Body

Hi, I'm Dee and here is my workspace(well, one of them at least!). I have a large craft room/studio/shipping center upstairs that is the size of a two car garage...I love it!

On one wall is a full length table which I have divided up into what is now two sections...scrapbooking, the other section is shipping. The shipping section used to be jewelry making, but I'm not a skilled jeweler and found the creations I was making could be made by anyone, in other words not I quickly gave that up.

On the other wall is my soap curing and storing racks, a bookcase which holds all my needlework and yarn, and books that I I have an antique rocker there so I can be comfy should I choose to take up one of a hundred different needlework projects I have taken up and abandoned due to other interests.

Then there is my sewing machine! I dream about and make soap, lip balms, and in the fall and winter candles and body butter balms. Over two years ago I got fed up with big company soaps...the detergents in them were killing my I got to work researching the art of soapmaking. Originally I started with Melt and Pour...and found not all melt and pour bases are made I strive to keep my melt and pour stock of the highest quality. After Melt and Pour I moved cautiously into Cold Process soap making. I say cautiously as making soap should not be entered into flippantly. There are safety concerns for not only the soaper, but for the consumer as well.I make my soap in the kitchen and laundry room of my home. These areas I did not photograph as they look like typical kitchens and laundry rooms...

My favorite tool is my stick blender! Oh my I could kiss the inventor of that little tool! It has reduced the trace time of my cold process soaps down from 3 hours to a little under 15 minutes or less!

As you can see by my pictures I'm not very organized. My entire house is spotlessly clean, but my craft room is the place where I kind of let go and if it is easy to reach and more convenient to be in a mess...then I will leave it that way. Some days I have a lot of orders and there is no time to put shipping materials away after each use. The one thing I do insist on and do practice ad nauseum however, is all my paperwork is put away in a timely and orderly manner.

I draw inspiration from my surroundings. I live out in a wooded area, so nature and all the fantastic colors I see every day inspire me. My daughter also inspires me...especially when I'm in a rut she gives me ideas, which, not surprisingly end up being best sellers!

You can see Dee's wonderful soap products at


  1. Wow Great space! Don't you just love peg board.

  2. I love Dee and have personally been in her craft room! It's amazing!!!!

    I also fell on my ass in it... She *had* an evil chair! It was a great time!

  3. Beautiful craft room! I hope I'm as organized when I get going.


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