Monday, September 1, 2008


What inspires you? Is it a found object? Is it a new colour or something you have already created? Many things can inspire us and even change from day to day. Sometimes just the act of walking into my studio with all of my favourite things inspires me. Check out what inspires Andradra and her work.

Hi, I'm Andrada and I'm a painter from Laval, Canada.
Here is my studio where I spend my time creating and trying new materials and mediums.
My studio is actually in the basement of my house and is not very big but I hope someday I will have a real studio with big windows and a nice view of some trees… Here is the table where almost everything is born! I do some of my paintings at the table, some of them directly on the floor, depending on the canvas size. I love to have everything around me and to reach my paint brushes or the paint jar without much effort. On the front wall I have my "Memories of my first day in Canada", an art project for my art studio class. It's a painting made with coffee stains and tree bark. I love the colors and vanilla coffee smell! I also have pictures of some of my preferred sold paintings, black&white photos, digital images that I did, and a lot of tests of new mediums. On the wall behind me I have my paintings. In fact I have my paintings everywhere around me… and not only in my studio. I have my paintings in my bedroom, living room, halfway, even in my friends' homes…
Again my wall and my table… A picture of my dog's nose, one diaper from the first diaper box that I bought two years and seven months ago for my son, some copies from the " Illuminated manuscripts" that are a real inspiration for some of my works, my pigments. I love to create mixed media paintings and to incorporate different found objects in my works. I use raw materials, fibers, cloths, egg shells, everything that can be incorporated in my mixed media paintings. I have a big box with a lot of nice found stuff from which sometimes I draw my inspiration. I'm fascinated by the past, ancient hand made things and relics. I would like to use real relics on my artwork but at this time my budget does not allow me to be eccentric. Maybe when I will sell a lot on Etsy and I will be rich I will be able to do this… Hahaha!

Here is another part of my studio where I deposit my paintings that are waiting to go and find a new home! The front painting is my son's! He is 2 years and 7 months and he is already a great artist! And here is the keeper of my paintings, my faithful little Foxy, who stays with me in the studio all the time.

What inspires me? When I create I don't have a clear idea in my head. I start to paint and the inspiration comes from everything around me. Sometime is another painting, sometimes it is a small object and sometimes it's my raw imagination. So this is my studio, the place where I love to be and where I create magical pieces for your home.
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  1. andradra, I admire you to have a studio where you can paint freely.. with inspirations around you.. beautiful :)


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