Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Love Helping Others

Enjoy a visit to Luna's shop where you will find handmade items and one of a kind accessories.

by Burning Moon
Greetings,my name is Luna and I am the owner of Burning Moon Products.I have always had a passion for art and crafts since I was a child whether it was making birthday cards for friends or making holiday ornaments for my family.I had always pictured myself doing something I loved for a living such as becoming a Vet (which I hope to one day still accomplish) but I never thought my passion for art would one day inspire me to open up my own little Etsy shop,I originally started crafting again shortly after my daughter was born and from that came everything that I make now.

I have owned my Etsy shop for a little over a year and I am very proud with how far I have come so far. I love helping out new Etsy shops trying to reach the same goals as mine I offer tips,guides and even free promotion to other Etsy shops I guess you can say helping others is another passion of mine as well. I love to see others happy whether its by helping the create a better environment in their shops or from someone buying a piece of my art and completely loving it.

Also have a look at Luna's blog for seller tips,review,lots of giveaways & more

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  1. At 75 I still love unique clothing and accessories. I have just began looking at the numerous possibility. I will set up a small shop with materials and tools. Most of my work will be for myself and family, friends, and simply nice people. It is great to be creative. I was thinking possibly you might be able to set up some simple tool and materials to begin creating, I believe it would be humbly and gladly received. I think you for sharing your wonders with others. Elle


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