Sunday, May 16, 2010

Archaic and Exotic

Enjoy a visit to Amore Valkyrie where you will find fine precious jewelry with an old world aesthetic.

About Amore Valkyrie:

Amore Valkyrie jewelry strives to hint at the archaic and exotic - while being refined enough to wear every day. Pieces are intriguingly unusual, excitingly strange. There is mystery in an eye-catching piece that whispers of the old world.

About me:
For me, Amore Valkyrie is 1) an expression of ideas continuously coming, and 2) a replacement for things I've always been looking for.

As for the first thing - I dabble in art things, but haven’t committed until now - little bit of design school, fashion, creative writing, and so on. I feel art is a search - for me, it is an endless attempt to express an aesthetic idea I can't put my finger on. Thus, Amore Valkyrie is a tiny expression of artistic ideas I've always contemplated.

As for the second - for a while, I was a freelance blogger for a few fashion blogs. I wrote admiringly of the brave new endeavors of designers and drowned my laptop with pictures of designs I thought provoking and inspiring. Fashion encourages you to shop and browse ravenously, but yet I never found exactly what I wanted. Therefore, Amore Valkyrie is a growing collection of items I've always wanted, but never found.

I'm most inspired by what is ancient - really, really ancient. Still, something most important to me is letting my pieces hint at the old, while still being wearable and down to earth – therefore, I use only durable, high quality materials like precious stones, fine chain, sterling silver and gold. It would be a big dream come true for me to see others wearing Amore Valkyrie pieces day to day. Etsy Studios - thank you so much for featuring me and many other start up Etsy-ers! I am so hugely grateful to Etsy for being not only a service, but also a community that encourages me to let Amore Valkyrie keep growing.

At the moment, my workspace is a dining table and everything fits in a big white Staples file box (which doubles as my tabletop photography cube!)

Visit Amore Valkyrie:

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