Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonderful New Homes Around the Globe

"Like an adventure, the materials I use are sought everywhere and assembled into the making of a unique and delightful piece of handmade jewelry". Jessie's wonderful etsy shop has many "creations to meet anyone's content".

by Zosterops
Hello! How are you doing? This is Jessie from Hong Kong. It is rainy season here and the big golden sun is having a vacation. Etsy was the place I stumbled upon while gift-searching for something unique. What a bustling flow of creativity out of imagination I have encountered! Little anticipation had I of setting up a shop of my own at the time. Zosterops, the little jewelry shop run by me, is heading for its first anniversary ever since its first listing appeared!

The shop is called after the species of my favorite white-eye songbirds. The model on the banner was a baby at the time; her features were yet to become prominent. It comes as no surprise that my jewelry has many bird themes and I am glad that a number of my feather friends have found wonderful new homes around the globe.

I love sterling silver and glass beads. But when it comes to creation, the other materials are not overlooked; be it stone, wood, metal or resin.... So many a time my jewelry was said to be "whimsical". I guess it reflects a part of me as I opt to live life light-hearted. I like to make my pieces simple and smooth. To help it accomplished, I find having the right bits a must. It can be the size, the shape, the color, the texture or the technique.... and I am afraid the list is inconclusive and it varies case by case.

Jewelry making is a self-taught pastime. It gives me immense pleasure. I treasure the time when I can be alone mixing and matching all the components I have in hand and observing what else I am in need of for my near-finished projects or the upcoming ones. In the meantime, I have fallen for cabochons and I am looking for matching mountings.

If you happen to be around, please stop by browsing my shop and the other ones. I am sure you would stumble upon something you enjoy. Perhaps your shop is on the way to open and I would come visiting one day! Thanks, Kerry for sharing me your blog to meet you all!

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