Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History "

Enjoy a visit to Golden Pond Studio
where you will find unique hancrafted jewelry just for you!

by Golden Pond Studio
I have always loved jewelry for as long I as I can remember. I have always wanted to be a volcanologist... well since 3rd grade... before that I wanted to be a marine biologist; needless to say I was a very odd child. I was always picking up rocks and toting them home. Instead of playing at the playground I would look in the gravel they had on it for hidden "treasures". Starting around Jr. year of high school I found a great little shop in the town where I worked at the time. It was a bead supply and jewelry shop. You can imagine what happened next.. yup thats right I found out that I can make great jewelry with my amazing little "treasures" that I had collected over the years. Ever since that day I have never been able to get enough of it.. I love all types of designs and all types of mediums. My personal favorite is of course stones and natural items but I am really starting to expand my wirework.

I got my business name because of the pond at my moms house. The neighbor boy saw that some feeder goldfish got thrown out to die and he tried to save them by putting them in our pond. Well save them he did. It just so happens feeder goldfish are a low oxygen carp and guess what kind of pond we have, thats right a low oxygen pond. My family is now the proud owers of hundreds of feeder goldfish is all colors and sizes.

I started my business by making jewelry for the people I worked with and it grew from there. What was once a way to make money on the side is now my full fledged business trying to make it out in the big wide world. I recently just started to sell on etsy after a lot of prodding for my wonderful and understanding man, Wes. He always believes in my talent and that I really do offer a great and unique quality of work that isn't often seen. (he even helps with designs sometimes)
I have been making jewelry now for aobut 4 years. I am always trying new techniqes. I love to learn whether its a new wire work skill or my love of useless trivia (for example.... the fastest flying bird in level flight is the Swift yet the fastest diving bird is the Perrigin Falcon :O)
Right now my favorite things to work with would be copper and pearls I just love the color combinations.

Im constantly asked, how do you make that , or where do you come up with that... and the answers really suprise most people. I draw my inspiration for new designs from literally everything. My dog .. tv shows, movies, sayings, pictures.. you name it...but a great fail safe for me is my dog Gudio. See photo .. he never lacks any excitement or energy... you can thank him for quite a few of my designs :O)

I hopefully will be in business still when I am 90 because I truly do love to design and make unique pieces for others to enjoy. I find my inspiration for many of my desings from everyday things... while on a walk or playing with my dog, or just hanging out with my family or my guy. The world is endless when it comes to new ideas to design into jewelry.

I'm not the one to ask for organization ideas... my beading space is where ever I am :O) But I know a fun one for packing bracelets for travel... is using a paint roller pad because its soft and helps protect them from moving around.Well that is enough about me I will leave you with my favorite quote " well behaved women seldom make history ". Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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