Saturday, March 20, 2010

Found Objects Made New

Enjoy a visit to the lovely Etsy shop Queen G Designs
 where you are sure to find beautiful "found objects made new"!

by Queen G Designs
Even as a kid I always found putting things together far more interesting than buying them finished. The first necklace I ever made was from a melted piece of tail light from my brothers wrecked car, I was 4. Since them, my tastes have evolved somewhat, but my sensibilities have not. Most weekends you can find me haunting the thrift stores, antique malls and flea markets looking for unwanted, unloved and unshiney items to incorporate into something amazing.

 As corny as it sounds I try to let the item tell me what it wants to be; an escutcion becomes a bracelet or an antique button becomes a key chain. I also try to include real stones in my pieces. The use of real stones give my pieces a bit more gravity, more reality, more authenticity.

I also try never to force a project...too many times I see pieces that are just slapped together. I may never have a lot of things in my shop, but each piece is thought out. I have been known to completely tear a piece apart after I take the picture because it didn't say what I wanted to say. I also love each piece and would keep them all if I could.

I joined ETSY last year but didn't post anything till January. I knew I liked my jewelry, but would anyone else??? I bombarded my friends on Facebook for their opinions and posted pictures every time I added new pieces. I try to post new pieces every few days, to keep the line fresh. I am looking for new ways to promote my shop and am thinking of having home parties. I had a small group of friends over and they brought all their broken jewelry and grandma's buttons. Everyone walked out with a beautiful new piece and had a great time! Of course, the sangria didn't hurt!

I hope to have great success on ETSY, but even if I never make much money, I love doing what I am doing and hope you all love it too.


  1. Love those assembled jewelry, and the jewelry party sounds fantastic, maybe i'll do it with creating flowers?

  2. Beautiful charms and pendants...lovely one-of-a-kind jewelry!


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