Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"No One Sold What I Wanted To Wear"

Enjoy Electric Penguin's story about how she got started creating her unique pieces of art and stop by and check out her Etsy shop!! http://www.electricpenguin.etsy.com/ .

"I started the way many people have – no one sold what I wanted to wear! I’ve always been the crafty type, as in I can paint/modify/improve that. Drives my family crazy!! So when the necklace I was looking for didn’t exist, I headed off to the craft store, bought the supplies and made it myself. One necklace led to two, then some simple earrings, stretchy bracelets, how-to websites, jewelry design books, etc., etc., etc. And here I am now, sharing my creations with the world!"

by Electric Penguin
I try to be totally unique, creative, and cool, and create pieces that I would wear. And I am NOT a sparkly kind of girl, so my creations are more earthy and natural. Inspiration strikes at the oddest times - walking through the mall, brushing my teeth, and especially boring work meetings. I always come out of them with many little drawings of ideas!

My workspace is my kitchen counter, with the overflow taking over the dining room table. Supplies are stored in the china cabinet. Plastic organizer boxes hold beads sorted by type and color. Findings are similarly separated. The storage system has gone through quite a few changes, but this is working best for me... at the moment. My organization suggestion is be flexible! Experiment with what suits your design needs best and don't be surprised when you have to change it to make that happen.

Stop by and check out Electric Penguin!! http://www.electricpenguin.etsy.com/


  1. Very pretty designs! I love the natural element of your work!

  2. Lovely designs! I also opt for non-sparkly designs and my favorite includes earth tone jewelries. I like the green leaf as a pendant too. I've found something like that in a jewelry store, Indianapolis, Indiana area. My sister bought the piece. While she frequently visits jewelry stores in Indianapolis, I'm addicted in looking for jewelry products from jewelry stores in Indianapolis, Indiana. The funny thing is that we've both find similar products that we love! Thanks for featuring Electric Penguin. It's one of my favorite in Etsy.


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