Monday, July 12, 2010

Science and Art Come Together

Be sure to stop by Topaz Turtle to find some deliciously fantastic coloured jewelry. Also home to gorgeous jewelry made from resin, polymer clay, crystal, natural stone, metal and other wonderful things. Enjoy!

by TopazTurtle
TopazTurtle jewelry designs is what you get when science and art comes together. I’m a scientist by training and I guess I never grew out of conducting experiments even though I moved away from the laboratory in my day job.

Working with resin, reminds me of my time in the lab as it involves a lot of planning, preparing, measuring, mixing and finishing.

Planning and preparing usually involves coming up with a design, trying it out in polymer clay and then moving to the mould making stage. Once the basic shape is ready, there is more planning to decide colours and effects. Then the fun begins with the mixing.

I tend to mix my own colours for my bangles and beads. I just love watching the different hues emerge as I mix two or more colors together. I also love to experiment with embedding items in the resin. Everything is fair game - things I find in the garden, the house and my jewelry making supplies.

And like a good scientist I have to take copious notes so that I can reproduce my experiments. I’ve forgotten about that aspect of lab work but it is slowly coming back to me.

Once the resin is ready I have to knuckle down and do all the sanding and smoothing. It’s hard and dirty work but also very gratifying to see the finished product emerge. Health and safety is important to me and at this stage I use gloves, goggles and dust mask as protection I figure I want to keep making jewelry for as long as I can and I should take all the precautions I can. Once I’m happy with the product, it’s a quick wash and dry and a little more polishing. Making resin jewelry is a very satisfying exercise for me and I think everyone should find something that they do that they really enjoy.

Here is a picture of Saunthra's lovely and inspirational worktable."It's an old computer table that I stripped, painted and stenciled.The wheels come in useful as I can move it around and push it away into a cupboard when I have to clean up. You can't see from the pic but it's in front of my tv, so I get to listen into programs while I work. My favourite show at the moment is Glee. Just love it."

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  1. The colours are gorgeous. This science and art are a perfect match

  2. You have a gift Kerry!

  3. Thank you Saunthra. It is my pleasure to share such amazing talented artists with everyone.


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