Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Have to Break the Bank to Have Something Fun

Enjoy a visit to where you will find many little Kawaii treaures that are sure to make you smile. Kawaii means Cute in Japanese ♥

by Hannarr
In everything i do, i try to do to the best of my ability, and with every item i create goes all the determination, love and care, to give to someone some enjoyment out of. I really love art and crafts, it all started with my nan, she loved drawing and painting and so she taught me.

Using different paints, clay and fabrics has really inspired me to create every peice i create different from the last, which is what i love about Handmade items, everything is created with such enthusiasm and care.

My workspace is small compared to others workspaces, i'm a tidy person so i try to keep my workspace tidy,i love that i have my fish to keep me company during times when i'm busy painting or rolling out clay. Other needed objects such as paints, brushes, clay etc is all neatly put away in several boxes just waiting to be used.

I love everything i create, and i wear a few items myself that i've made especially for me. My Friends especially enjoy my hobby as they get free cute little gifts to wear. I try to provide real prices for everyone, you shouldn't have to break the bank to have something cute and fun.

I really hope i'll be continuing this for a long time.


  1. Great feature - her items are super cute!

    And, your dolls are very cool! : )

  2. There is something very sweet and whimsical about her creations!

    Thank You!


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