Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Victorian Princess or Dark Gothic Queen

Be sure to stop by and visit Jilted Coquette etsy shop . You will find " pieces that are inspired by Gothic Lolita fashion from Japan" where she strives to "create quality unique pieces that will transform you into a delicate Victorian princess, or a dark Gothic queen".

by Jilted Coquette

For many years I have been in love with Japanese fashion, and more specifically with Lolita and Aristocrat trends. While they are subcultures themselves, there are many subcultures contained within them. I try to create a variety of Lolita and Aristocrat styles, so that no matter your preference, classic or punk, gothic or sweet, you will find something that appeals to your personal tastes.

Part of my motivation for starting Jilted Coquette was the insatiable need to create. I’m a very tactile individual so working directly with a material is more satisfying to me than drawing or painting. My artistic roots are in Printmaking and New Genres, so I’m an odd combination of meticulous processes and subversion; I pay great attention to the smallest of details but also like to push boundaries, especially to an absurd extent.

The second half of my motivation came from the high price and inaccessibility of Lolita and Aristocrat items in the US. If you want to buy a name brand piece, you will have to order it online and have it shipped internationally, or find someone online via forums who is reselling items, often used. A simply adorned name brand headdress can easily cost $40 US while more elaborate pieces can price for much higher. I strive to create pieces that are not only beautiful and intricate, but also affordable.

While I derive my inspiration from a variety of Aristocrat and Lolita styles, it is not my intention to replicate a specific brand style. Each adornment is one of a kind and a labor of love. At the risk of over romanticizing them, deep down I consider each one to be a work of art.

I began making hair adornments earlier this year, and only opened my etsy shop in late May. I consider my work with Jilted Coquette to be a full time job and easily spend 10-12 hours a day creating and promoting my pieces. Having studied art and not business, I’m unfamiliar with entrepreneurship but I hope that, with hard work and dedication, I will one day be successful enough to open my own storefront.

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