Sunday, July 11, 2010

Handmade and Vintage Loveliness

Be sure to stop by and visit Kristine and Lily's etsy shop Vintage Whale you will find *handmade and vintage loveliness*.

by Vintage Whale
Vintage Whale is a collaboration of two college students, Kristine and Lily. We're both from Oklahoma but go to colleges in different states. We’ve been creating and crafting for Etsy for about a month now and really enjoy it! Our shop consists of both vintage and handmade items. Before we started Etsy we always had thrifting adventures and were always on the hunt for vintage goodies for ourselves.

 Soon we decided we would like to share our lovely finds with others. We’re both really inspired by vintage and re-used items and it’s evident in our shop. Most of our items are made of scrap fabric or buttons we find lying about. We enjoy taking old things and giving them new life as necklaces, headbands, bobby pins or even cards. We’re always thinking up new ideas for items we can make for our shop and don’t usually create more than a few different versions of any one item.

Our creative process is pretty fluid and flexible because we create whatever we feel like making at that particular moment. We don’t have a designated work space but usually have movie nights that double as craft days where we watch old movies and work on our shop. Usually our crafting supplies are kept neatly in boxes or storage drawers we can roll out into the living room so we can craft and watch movies.

Once we finish our creations we love to go outside and take pictures of them on pretty paper or old books. Nothing goes into our shop that we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and we really hope people find something they love as much as we loved making it.

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