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Eco-friendly,Upcycled,Recycled,Reclaimed & Repurposed

Using her background in Interior Design, Eco-Lectic Events has developed a love for sustainable and minimal environmental-impact ideas. Her shop is a completely eco-friendly event store. She features sustainable and green centerpiece designs, eco-friendly wedding favors and accessories and edible (even plantable) event items. Enjoy a visit to her amazing Etsy shop .

by Eco-Lectic Events
I have been an artist my entire life and started jewelry making and crafting about fifteen years ago. My shop is a culmination of my creativity, eclecticity, education, and ideals. As a result of my educational background in interior design, I also have had the wonderful experience of applying my design knowledge to all facets of event planning.

In the past year I have coordinated two family events - my brother's Bar Mitzvah and my own wedding. What I have brought to Etsy is a unique approach to event decor based on sustainable design ideals. All of my items are eco-friendly, upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed and fully customizable. I hope to continue to expand my shop to include creative, original, and earth-friendly items for every event's needs. So much waste is unnecessarily produced in today's events. An event can be created using beautiful items that not only don't harm the environment, but even give back to it.

I create all of my art in my home. I do have an art room, however, I tend to work wherever there is a flat surface (the dining room table, breakfast bar, coffee table, bar top, etc.) I'm a virgo so organization is my middle name. Since I work on many different types of projects (paintings, jewelry, arrangements, etc.), I like to use systems with small compartments, either on wheels or with removable drawers. This way I keep all of my project materials separate from one another.

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  1. A great feature and a awesome shop...Love pictures you posted so beautiful....Thank you for sharing this with us...

  2. You're welcome. I love meeting new artists and seeing their wonderful shops/spaces too!


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