Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cash, Barter, A Delicously Intense Stitch

Enjoy a visit to for a wonderful voyage of delightful colours and design.
by waywardradish
Hand embroidery is a very portable art. Needle. Thread. Scissors. Always good for cash or barter. Perfect for a wandering hippie decades ago. Especially one with no clock in her life. Me. Now,though,I have clocks. But this is the calm. A deliciously intense stitch. A bullion knot. A raised cup. A solid square inch can take over an hour. For me, that's fun. Also why I still have a "day job."My Etsy shop focuses on embroidered jewelry. Stuffed earrings, for instance. Tiny or big. All weightless. Pictures never quite convey the smile of them. But seeing them on yourself, on another woman, all wariness goes poof! That I enjoy.

My work space = my couch + my coffee table. My couch is also my photo backdrop. I try to separate my embroidery floss by color but they always end up in a heap. For me, disorder feeds creativity. I expect to have a Collyer Brothers demise under embroidery thread.

Education? Several Erica Wilson crewel kits and her writing. She is my true inspiration.Hope you visit my shop: (double click photos to zoom).To see archival photos of the obsessive denim of my hippie days:

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