Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inspiration Around Us

Inspiration comes in many forms and is found in our many everyday experiences. Honey Thistle's inspirations come from the music she listens to as well as the details in every day life - the corner of a window frame, a shape in the jungle gym, etc.. Honey Thistle started making jewelry about 4 years ago when she decided she wanted to wear something that was unique and no one else owned. Currently, she is drawing ideas for pieces from art, everyday architecture, and music. She loves listening to and finding new music , so many of her pieces will include some musical reference. Enjoy a visit to her Etsy shop

by HoneyThistle

I've been crafty for as long as I can remember. From papier mache cakes to slug plushies to record paintings, I've experimented a great deal. Right now, I'm focusing on my one love - jewelry. Maybe I'm attracted by the luster of the beads, or maybe it's the therapeutic feel of bending wire with my pliers. Whatever the reason, I started creating jewelry five years ago and have never looked back! I decided to start this Etsy shop this summer both as a creative outlet to share my pieces with the world (so to speak), and also as a way of paying off my ever-mounting university debt (the numbers are frightening!).

My inspirations come from the music I listen to as well as the details in every day life - the corner of a window frame, a shape in the jungle gym, etc. My workspace is as cluttered with bits & pieces as my head is cluttered with motifs & ideas. So I'm probably not the best source to go to for organizational tips! But the one thing I do feel is worth mentioning is that I almost always have my sketchbook with me so I can jot down ideas as soon as they come. Half of them will probably never come to fruition (the impossibility of it only hits afterwards) but it's still fun to dream.

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