Sunday, September 20, 2009

Simplicity, Texture, and Experimentation

Simplicity, texture, and experimentation are what drive Heather's gorgeous jewelry designs. She has sold through galleries and shops for many years. She personally designs all of her jewelry and her designs are hand-made using various techniques of metalsmithing. She is currently running a SALE on all items till Oct 1st with FREE shipping. Be sure to stop by her Etsy shop

Heather Grandmont Jewelry 2009

Simplicity, texture, and experimentation are what drive my jewelry designs. I enjoy working with many materials but feel especially drawn to metal. Color is one aspect I miss most with what I do but jewelry does lend the ability to add color in the form of enamels, beads, and mixed media. Most of my designs are developed through playing with different forms that I already have made, and sometimes from my sketches- but mostly by putting pieces together till I like what I see. I love metal that has that raw, organic, makers-mark to it. The look of old, worn, time brought to the present. I studied art at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I was a double major in metalsmithing and painting. I was lucky enough to have received many awards, scholarships, and recognition while attending, both for my painting and metalwork. I haven’t painted in a long time but have managed to continue my focus with jewelry and design. Being an artist you have to get creative with finances which sometimes mean working a job other than your art. I’ve tried numerous times to make it full-time but because of health insurance or cash flow have found myself working at different places part-time such as The Cleveland Institute of Art, Kohl’s, and my current job as a dental receptionist. These jobs have provided me with connections and a group of supportive friends. Without them I might have become a hermit. About a year and a half ago I had a son with my husband Marcus.
I decided to take a short break from my business during pregnancy and right after because I wanted to focus all of my time and energy to my new family and health. I was still in stores during that time but had cut way back. It helped that I had a lot of inventory on hand. Now my little guy is a “little” older and I have been able to sneak down to my studio during his naps and at night. I have been getting that creative bug- you know the one that sticks in your head 24 hours a day till you allow yourself to play again! It feels great to be back and being a mom! Etsy has become a great place to find fantastic artists who are supportive and enthusiastic, not to mention all the great stuff you can buy! So if I find myself in the studio full-time again I won’t have to worry about becoming a hermit. Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement.

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