Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Small Shiny Objects

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by Small Shiny Objects
Small Shiny Objects is a shop full of ever-changing beaded gifts and jewelry. Like the shop name suggests, "small shiny objects" have always been a weakness of mine, so if it sparkles, I'm adding it in there somehow - be it natural gemstones, fancy glass, crystal, or other fascinating piece to work into the mix. My favorite things to make as of late are the beaded vases and fishbowls - I make the top ring elastic, to make the covers easily removable (and the glass washable), but use nymo thread for the rest of the netting, to keep it fluid.

The same goes into making Christmas ornaments during the holidays (they take awhile and I sold out quickly last year, so I'm actually working on some already for next winter).

For those just starting out on Etsy, I'd say this - good photos are SO important! I can't even stress how much better my shop began to look (and how much more it was being noticed) after investing in a decent digital camera and a photo box to get those items pictured "just right".

 If you can't swing the dough for a photo box, though, try natural (but not glaring) daylight to get the truest colors in your pics. Really, it does a world of good. And last but not least, don't get so wrapped up in the selling end of your craft if it starts to take away from the joy of the crafting itself. I've made that mistake more than once, only to realize that beading is nothing if not fun - and if I'm having fun, well then - that's always something. ( :

Sincerely, Sarah
Small Shiny Objects

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  1. Lovely work! I know what you mean about not losing focus on the fun of doing your craft. That is really what it is all about. Have a lovely weekend! Kirsten


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