Sunday, August 29, 2010

Enjoy a visit to Azie Designs etsy shop where you will find fabulous photography,paintings,graphics and more.
by Azie Designs
My name is Ashley Ziemianski; I'm a 23 year old recent graduate living in Metro Detroit, Michigan. My entire life, I've never known what I've wanted to do "when I grew up." It would change all the time, and I never knew how to even go about doing most of the things I thought of (glad I didn't stick with the "Scientist" route - sorry about the bleached carpet, Dad!)

I only recently realized what the things I loved to do most were! I never even thought twice about the time I spend making graphics or taking photos; and I definitely never thought about selling my paintings.

I currently live with my boyfriend in his parents' old home. We have spent the last year modifying the entire home into something that we both enjoy. Neither of us consider it even close to "being there," but at least -we- know how much hard work has gone in so far.

The biggest bonus to this transition is my office! I've been a design student for over three years, and only after I graduated did I finally get a solid workspace. While I still do all of my messy painting outside (on the front porch), everything else happens right here in my orange-walled room! I probably spend 90% of my day there now that I'm unemployed and trying to make my hobbies into my day job...

As photographed, I have lots of storage (but it's actually still not enough). The space is constantly evolving - even though this photo was taken July 15, the room is already a little different. I have lots of "containers" for markers, pens, scissors, paper, pencils, blades, etc.

One tip: don't go with solid lime green curtains. I really want pink ones instead.

As a new Etisian, I'm still learning all the tips and tricks... However, I must say that I'm in love with Google Analytics,, and! I am also constantly blogging, which through things like and NetworkedBlogs, are automatically published to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have also set up the ability to post from my Flickr to my blog and Twitter. It's a giant loop, but you have to CONSTANTLY promote your shop!

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