Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sentimental Culture & Old Time Traditions

"My family has been actively involved in crafts and jewelries for over 50 years now and since a child all I remember is always creating something...clothes for my dolls, head pins, teen name it...but my true passion remained jewelries....colorful and vibrant, just as my Old Europe."
Enjoy a visit to Didi's Etsy shop where you will be enchanted by her wonderfully beautiful, handmade jewelry

by Handarts
My name is Didi and I'm coming from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. Growing up there was so much fun because of our sentimental culture and old time traditions. My country is a little over 2000 years old and is a modern representation of the "old world" though still caring lots of rituals and traditional celebrations.

We are warm, curious and tough and we love music, vibrant colors and decorations. I believe my interest in arts comes from my background and especially my family. My grand father is a furniture designer and renovator, my grand mother is a professional tailor and she designs and sews most of our clothes. My mom is crazy about painting, decorating and altering vintage stuff. I was always exposed to creativity and somehow slowly found my love for Jewelry.

Started pretty early...maybe 7 years old I won a small "new talents" competition with a hammered rose pendant...and never stopped creating since then. I have passion for Silver and light colored crystals and stones. Designs appear in my head at any time and one of my biggest inspiration is Europe from the 1930's, the era of sterling silver and quartz cabochons. I have a small desk specially bought for my Jewelry Passion and though is hard to keep it in order sometimes, I love creating on it.

Currently live in beautiful Louisiana with my husband of 4 years and my 2 years old leopard gecko. My co workers love and buy my jewelry and they were the ones who told me about Etsy. I love it because it reminds me so much about Home...people are sweet and talented and as an artist it's great to meet so many friends with love for Handmade.


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