Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to Have "Me" Space

"I love to create, and have done so as long as I have been able to use my hands! I had taken a long break after having my second child, but after my 3rd who I had September of 09, I had a renewed sense of purpose... (okay okay, so I was bored out of my mind and I needed an outlet!) and so I discovered, what an addiction!!! "

Enjoy a visit to this wonderful Etsian's shop
by Zig Zag 123
My name is Laci and I live in Northern Idaho, with my husband and our 3 kids, who are 5, 3, and 6 months old. I have always been creatively minded, my mother saw to and nurtured that! I have always liked to crochet and sew, but it wasn't until I found Etsy this last November that I realized that I could make MONEY at it! When I had the chance I bought up a few boxes of yarn and have been going crazy with it ever since. I collaberated with my step-dad to help me build a sort of fold away sewing cubby, bookcase style so that I had a place to sew other than my kitchen table.. I currently live in a ONE bedroom trailer with 5 people, a cat that thinks he's a dog, and a ferret who likes to snuggle with my cat who thinks he's a dog :), so there isn't much room till we build our house in the next few years. It turned out FANTASTIC and now I find myself finding excuses just to be in it!

I love to work with really soft yarns, I hate scratchy sweaters and such. I always say that it's no fun to buy an awesome piece of bling that you don't want to wear cause it gives you the itchies! I have been having lots of fun with soft chunky yarn as well as cotton yarn making necklaces, but I hope to soon be making some clothing as well. I also use a LOT of clear tupperware to organize my fabrics and yarns, and although at the moment they are getting a little jumbled, I can still see what is in them and it is a BIG help!

My only advice is that no matter your space limitations, you can ALWAYS figure out how to have a "me" space. It may be a corner, or a desktop or a box by your favorite chair, but it IS possible.. (and SO worth it!) TRUST ME :)


  1. Wow, I love her little studio! Great post, great blog! I found you through the Etsy blog love thread. Best wishes!


  2. yay! Awesome, thanks for featuring me :) !


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