Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Funky and Fun

by ElectricPenguin

The older I get, the more hip and funky I get. Hmmm... is that the true definition of eccentric? About a year ago, I became bored with the jewelry I was finding in stores. Being an I can make/paint/modify/improve that kind of person, I tried my hand at making a few simple pieces. Not difficult and definitely fun! This continued until I had more things than I could ever wear in a year. Oops! So I decided that maybe the world would like my creations as much as I do.
I try to be totally unique, creative, and cool. For example my Beer Beads, which are made from recycled beer labels. I try to use natural materials and earthy colors... but not always (see previous sentence)!
Inspiration strikes at the oddest times - walking through the mall, brushing my teeth, and especially boring work meetings. I always come out of them with little drawings of ideas.My workspace is my kitchen counter, with the overflow taking over the dining room table. Supplies are stored in the china cabinet drawers. Plastic snack bags hold beads sorted by color - very easy to pull out the purple bag and see the bead you want. Findings are in labeled plastic storage containers. The storage system has gone through a few changes, but this works best for me.
Stop by and check out Electric Penguin!!
And the shop name?
My husband’s college roommate came up with it while trying to name a band. The band never formed, but I loved the name and it stuck in my head. At last I finally found a use for it!

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