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by Bathgasm

Hi! My name is Alyson, and I am the owner / fizzy maker here at Bathgasm. :) The inspiration for my crazy, colorful bath products actually came to me during a trip to Europe. I visited a small bath product shop in Zurich, Switzerland, and while I loved the idea of their bath bombs, I wasn't impressed with the lack of selection in colors and scents, nor with their high prices! When I got back home, I decided to make my own business with all my ideas for what I would want in a luxury bathing experience. And here I am, making high quality products and loving it! :)My absolute favorite thing about making my luxury bath products is working with my wonderful customers. They have such wonderful and creative ideas, which makes it a tremendous pleasure to create their custom items! Plus, I get to work with my hands in a delicious smelling medium all day. I have a personal mantra that I often have to repeat: "Do not eat the bath bomb, do not eat the bath bomb..."
My fizzy workshop is actually a tremendously large bathroom in my house that has been transformed into a work-only area. It has wonderful natural light from huge windows and comes complete with a huge bathtub so I can do lots of product testing! ;) My wonderful fiance also built fizzy drying racks into a small closet in our home, so not only do I have a great work space, but I have a humidity-free area in which to let my fizzies cure. These steps ensure that your fizzies will be made and stored in clean, well-kept area designed specifically for that purpose. It's too gross when bath products can come into contact with yucky stuff while being made!

In the future, I plan to introduce even more variety into my bath product collection. Bath melts, sugar scrubs, and adorable bath bombs for kids are just a few of the products that I will reveal in the upcoming months. I am also always adding new scents and products based on customer suggestions. Keep checking back at for these new items, as well as my periodic SALES and GIVEAWAYS! :) You can also keep track of Bathgasm news at and on twitter at Thanks so much for reading my story!

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  1. These products look great so well done and keep up the good work! :)


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