Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cherish Her Gifts

Jean creates handmade items that make people smile. Enjoy a visit to her shops and

by Amaebi

Hi my name is Jean. My husband and I live in the desert with five kooky cockatiels and one adorable puppy. I am currently in medical school, which really eats into me physically and mentally; I craft when I can, because it keeps me sane.I’m crazy about color; I think my favorite color changes every year. It is normal for my desk at home to have tons of unfinished projects and scraps of paper with ideas sitting around on it. Typically I craft on the couch or at my desk while multi-tasking on the computer. I have even taken my yarn to school to crochet in class. It helps me focus, really! I use baskets, sewing bins, and lock-and-lock (airtight) tupper-ware bins to store my supplies and projects. Tiny ziplocks keep all of my individual jewelry pieces from scratching each other, and I have an entire craft box for just doll eyes! My favorite tools are my clear ruler, pliers, and shiny purple aluminum crochet hook (it makes me happy).
My first true craft obsession involved tsumami hana-kanzashi (Japanese floral hair ornaments). Many of my pieces can be seen in my Flickr album collection: From there, I branched out with my main Etsy shop Amaebi Jewelry I then started a second shop, Grimcute , which has funky plushies and amigurumi crochet items. Amaebi is more for creating pretty and affordable accessories, while with Grimcute I try to create handmade items that make people smile.

Last year my mom passed away from breast cancer. Sometimes when I remember my crafty mom, who made so many beautiful things (she loved floral arranging and Christmas ornaments), I am too heartbroken to do anything, and at other times crafting is a quiet sanctuary where I can remember her and cherish her gifts. I miss creating with her very much."

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