Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Hear It For Busy Mums Everywhere!

Original Design UK
Busy mum Lou from Original Design UK has a beautiful little girl and a new little one on the way
and still finds time to create her many wonderful designs. She credits her organization and lots of storage to help keep her productive. Sit back, and enjoy a visit with Original Design UK.


My name is Lou and I live in Manchester, UK. I’m a full time mum to my 18mth old daughter and have a boy due in March so things are going to get a little more hectic! I studied
3-D Design at Uni and i’m a trained Art & Design lecturer. A couple of years ago I got sick of teaching and decided to try selling my own artwork, I also have a mail order plants business and website . I’m probably like most crafters in that I have to try everything that appeals (and my etsy shop reflect this!) so i’ve done Painting, Mosaic, Ceramics and now I do Jewellery i’ve done Resin and beaded work but i’ve recently started doing Sterling Silver and intend to keep doing this. I’m currently buying materials to start CP soap making and Screen printing too, I love to learn new techniques and I get bored only doing one thing.My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world and vintage prints and architecture.
I primarily hand pierce my own designs from Silver sheet which I often texture using vintage lace and papers, i’d be lost without my Rolling Mill and of course my trusty piercing saw. I don’t really have a great deal of large tools or equipment apart from lots of files and so on, I do it all by hand but I do use a drill with my polishing mops to give the Jewellery in either brushed or shiny finish. When Lex is up I tend to sort orders/emails do research and sort of my material orders and so on, i’ll also sketch my designs and transfer the images onto my silver ready to work on when she nods off at noon. As soon as she is in bed I crack on with making and periodically go on the pc to sort out whatever needs doing and take my photographs. I have a large home studio where I create my work, it’s currently pretty organised (it’s not normally this tidy)with a few desks and big cupboards and i’ve cleared away most of my tools ready for my new supplies.
I would recommend lots of storage, I find i’m far more productive when I have separate spaces for different things and don’t have to keep clearing away and setting up all the time. I try and list a good few items a week dependant on the complexity of the piece. I’ve got lots of new designs and finishes in mind including more oxidised silver and colourful patinas that i’m about to start making, I think i’ll have to book myself a day off to give birth!

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