Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Studio Mme

If you are looking for a unique illustration to hang on your wall
you will find it in this wonderful Etsy shop http://www.studiomme.etsy.com/.
The artist fuses Old World pen and ink techniques with Victorian imagery to create a modern take on classical illustration. Her figures often find themselves in love mazes, the Italian countryside, or in a fairy tale setting.

by Studio Mme
I come from a very normal family. For generations back everyone on both sides has had respectable jobs, had respectable children, and led very respectable lives. Perhaps I'm the result of repressed eccentricity. I started drawing when I was little (doesn't everyone) and continued through high school, never thinking it any great feat. My parents blessed me with a near-photographic memory so I was able to daydream through my school years, which is probably where most of my beginning inspirations came from. When it came time to choose a major in college, English and Art just seemed to be the only logical choice.

This December I'll graduate with BAs in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, and art, with an emphasis in drawing. Most of my illustrations are inspired by European fairy tales or tales of my own creation. I almost exclusively use pen and ink, relying on Old World techniques that have gone a bit out of style. I absolutely love to hide details in my drawings. I've hidden the artworks of master painters and printmakers, symbols related to the fairy tale, and even the odd personal reference to countries I have visited. Nothing gives me more joy than to see people take a step closer and smile at what they find.

Currently my work space is divided between two areas. For my last semester of school, I'm focusing on printmaking and I have the pleasure of working in the Hannaher Studio at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. (No, most of us do not have the accent.) My second studio is the desk in my room which is filled presently with papers, power cords for my computer, and a giant to-do list that needs to be finished prior to my graduation in December.

I thoroughly believe that to-do lists are the best way to stay organized. I have a large one for each week and a smaller one for each day of the week. I keep track of my marketing as well to see what is working or where I could spend more time and/or money. I encourage to come check out my shop at www.studiomme.etsy.com. Fine art makes a great gift because it's so original! You can follow each of my works as I make them on my blog at http://studiomme.blogspot.com/.

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