Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Release Your Creativity

Release Your Creativity

Do you want a signature look – bohemian, romantic and wrapped up in laidback glamour? Enjoy a visit to Boho Luxe Accessories http://www.boholuxeaccessories.etsy.com/. The twist is a line of an updated edgy BOHO design intended to make you feel & look fantastic without breaking the bank! All items are specially hand crafted.

by boholuxeaccessories
Ever since I was a child I've always felt this deep need to create or design. The times I've ignored this deep need, I was left unfulfilled. It's almost like this moment has been building for years and years. I've explored many forms of art and design to find my "nitch". It wasn't until last fall (2009)- after previous months of pushing aside my artistic personality- that I was once again approached by family and friends to launch some sort of line- something I could build upon. TADDAAAH......Boho Luxe was born.

I'm a very visual person and don't have a magic formual on how each piece is designed. I find inspiration in edgy pop & moody low-key music, playful & un-spoken art, and eccentric fashion. I get excited and act a bit giddy when I look for materials- I see so many colors and patterns my imagination just runs free.
When I am designing a piece- I know it's going to work when it just "clicks". Their's this feeling I get of "this is it." And that's when I go for it. Their's no better feeling than that.

Organization is absolute key in order to work efficiently and creatively! I like to take old Mason Jars (the turquoise ones) and stash my "hardware", and even the findings (like the brooch pins, bobby pins, clips,ect..) in those jars. Fabrics are typically arranged by texture and color. I work better when I can visually see what I have laid out before me. For me- it also allows me to take a quick inventory of what I have in stock. It's always all about the "visual". My suggestion to anyone looking to design or even create- find what gets you excited and from there- get a solid studio in place with organization.....then let the magic happen. Don't be afraid. You may start creating or designing something and it's not clilcking- no problem. Good things happen by trial and error.

I design hair accessories and brooch's; however, I have so much more that I can branch into- that's where my excitement continues to thrive. My accessories are perfect for every day wear- you know, that plain boyfriend tee or fedora. Just perfection. Boho's accessories are right in line with PROM-wear and weddings. I get so excited when I see how others respond to wearing them. For me, accessories are what make an outfit. It doesn't matter what's in your closet- it's how you work the pieces together.

Boho Luxe signature look – bohemian, romantic and wrapped up in laidback glamour. The twist is a line of an updated edgy BOHO design intended to make you feel & look fantastic without breaking the bank!
No need to buy a whole new closet full of clothes- think outside the box and work what you have! Just tweek it a tiny bit (re-work the old pieces) with a new accessory and you're gonna look like perfection.

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