Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning Valley Soaps

Visit your studio space every day with the intention of creating.
Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and joy!

Enjoy a visit to Morning valley Soaps where you will find creative and unique blends of botanicals, natural ingredients, essential oils.

"*All soaps come wrapped in soft cotton or unbleached muslin and tied with a ribbon for an old fashioned style gift wrap.* Soaps and Solid perfumes that not only smell good, but are full of good things! Extra virgin olive oil, fresh aloe pulp, oatmeal, cocoa shea butter and other high quality ingredients make my soaps *almost* good enough to eat and my other body products equally delectable! I'm breaking into lip balms, bath salts, sugar scrubs and more, stay tuned."

by Morning Valley Soaps
I started out making jewelry and sewing hand bags and costume pieces out of recycled fabrics- mostly because I spent a few summers working at a renaissance faire and fell in love with historically inspired fashions. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved soaps and other toiletries. I used to pour fruit juice in petroleum jelly and call it lip gloss. What I’m doing now is slightly more sophisticated than that. I’m making soaps and slowly expanding to perfumes, lip balms, bath salts, sugar scrubs, etc.

My studio is mainly the guest room/library in the apartment I live in with my father while I’m going to school. That’s where everything is cured and stored. Most of my things are actually made in the kitchen- sometimes it drives my family a little crazy. Due to an incident with some lavender, I’ve learned to be very specific about what bowls and pans are for family food use and which are for my experiments. They are kept in different cabinets and the two never meet.

Plastic bins have become my best friends. I’m not naturally very organized- my mind is generally organized, my physical spaces are not. I like to say I’m like Sherlock Holmes in this regard, it makes me feel better.

At college I study English, I’m hoping to be a journalist when I graduate and also hopefully publish some novels. I’d love for my Etsy shop to help supplement my income eventually- it is not yet. My parents are, of course, concerned with how I’m going make money. As long as I stay off the streets and am doing what makes me happy, I’m not really worried. In that regard I like to spew a bunch of Thoreau quotations to back myself up, here are a few of my favorites: “Men have become the tools of their tools.” “Not only must we be good, but we must also be good for something.”

I also love music when I work. Anything from Vivaldi to The Doors, to The Decemberists, to Florence + the Machine, to Billie Holiday. Sometimes I’ll just put my iPod on shuffle and rediscover my music collection.

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